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6 Tips for Working Couples to Maintain a Work-Life Balance To even out the balance, partners need to be respect-worthy and trust-worthy of each other's personal requirements in terms of ''me-time'' goals

By Nidhi Aggarwal

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Modernity often spells chaos in our daily lives turning our worlds differently. In this time, when people are focusing on achieving their dreams, maintaining a balance in their own life becomes a task in itself. Workload, pressure and deadlines at work can create a disproportion in your professional as well as personal life. Succumbing to pressure is something which can be deemed as normal-thereby resulting in unhappy personalities. The situation can become worse for the couples who are working together. They have to maintain a balance not just in the household but in the premises of office also. Here are few tips that can help in maintaining a work-life balance for the couples.

TIP #1: Schedule Your Time for Everything

Timing is everything when it comes to putting the balance back into your life. If the couples try and manage their chores according to each other wants and needs, then it would sure add value to their love and relationship. It is important to give each other time for your respective work. Also, this aspect would aid in shaping-up their future goals in a more synchronized manner, thus reducing the perpetual friction of work-life act.

TIP #2: Be Interested

That's the keyword. A genuine interest in anything and everything you do can create wonders. If working couples realize to be more considerate towards each other - then it could throw their life back on the pedestal. A kind gesture of just being there with your partner for special moments or when they want to share some joy or sorrow with you will be beneficial for long-term. Augmenting years to a relationship is what ''garnering interest'' is capable of.

TIP #3: Home Is Where the Heart Is

We all long to be at a place that provides comfort is nurturing and is symbolic of love. In other words - home is a place from where we all start off. Partners seeking to bail themselves out of aforesaid situations should dedicate some generosity to their abodes. Helping and extending a caring hand at home not only results in bonding but puts the spark back into everyone's lives. Did anyone hear - ''Love Nest''?

TIP #4: Office-Office

Yes - understanding your partner's work ethics (office-tenure, work-load designated, the deadlines to be dealt with, the importance of being in a hierarchy etc.) is something that would help in bridging gaps and save unwanted stress for both. Moreover, such an insight would serve as nothing less than a boon in an otherwise crumbling scenario. Who better to assist and understand you with your ''official duties'' than your very own ''better-half''.

TIP #5: I Love My Space

Nobody can ignore this one for nothing. As individuals, we all crave for our personal chunk of heaven i.e. some alone time for ourselves. Some call it therapeutic, others may call it as unwinding-time - but ''spaces'' are a dire necessity whether it's saving us or our relationships. To even out the balance, partners need to be respect-worthy and trust-worthy of each other's personal requirements in terms of ''me-time'' goals. Well, a nook in time saves nine.

TIP # 6: Travelling Together

A break from a monotonous life is very important and healthy for a person. A vacation rejuvenates you as a person, transforms your soul and gives you a much-wanted break. Each and every trip gives some irreplaceable memories to the couple. The return is of an exuberant personality oozing with confidence and ready to take on the world. Undoubtedly, partners/couples who travel together have a better bonding and understanding of each other.

Nidhi Aggarwal

Executive Director, Indo Innovations

Nidhi Aggarwal, a Gold medalist in Civil Engineering from Thapar University, Patiala augmented her education by pursuing an M.Sc. in International Business from Fore School of Management, Delhi.. She also pursued a Diploma in Interior Design from JD Institute of Fashion and Technology. Coming from a family of respected professionals, she grew up idolizing her grandfather. Even today, it is him and his life that she draws her strength from. She was fortunate to marry into a family that shared her vision and encouraged her ambition to pursue higher education and travel abroad for it. It is this environment and her zeal that led her to be awarded with the ‘Best Student’ award which she received in her convocation, attending it in the third trimester of her pregnancy.

For the past 12 years she has dedicated herself to Indo Office Solutions where she holds the position of Executive Director today. She played a pivotal role along with her husband, Mr. Ashish Aggarwal, CEO of the organization, in the evolution and launch of ‘INDO’ as a house brand. Putting her creative, technical, and magement education background to good use, she has been instrumental in establishing INDO INNOVATIONS as a brand to reckon with. She has been central to the process of modernization and digital transformation of the organization. Her suggestions and the transformations brought in by her have garnered tangible returns for the organization.

Nidhi’s interests lie in travelling and exploring the world and learn things as she enjoys new experiences at every possible juncture.

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