Nidhi Aggarwal

Executive Director, Indo Innovations

Nidhi Aggarwal, a Gold medalist in Civil Engineering from Thapar University, Patiala augmented her education by pursuing an M.Sc. in International Business from Fore School of Management, Delhi.. She also pursued a Diploma in Interior Design from JD Institute of Fashion and Technology. Coming from a family of respected professionals, she grew up idolizing her grandfather. Even today, it is him and his life that she draws her strength from. She was fortunate to marry into a family that shared her vision and encouraged her ambition to pursue higher education and travel abroad for it. It is this environment and her zeal that led her to be awarded with the ‘Best Student’ award which she received in her convocation, attending it in the third trimester of her pregnancy.

For the past 12 years she has dedicated herself to Indo Office Solutions where she holds the position of Executive Director today. She played a pivotal role along with her husband, Mr. Ashish Aggarwal, CEO of the organization, in the evolution and launch of ‘INDO’ as a house brand. Putting her creative, technical, and magement education background to good use, she has been instrumental in establishing INDO INNOVATIONS as a brand to reckon with. She has been central to the process of modernization and digital transformation of the organization. Her suggestions and the transformations brought in by her have garnered tangible returns for the organization.

Nidhi’s interests lie in travelling and exploring the world and learn things as she enjoys new experiences at every possible juncture.



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