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Art collector Roshini Sanah Jaiswal on her beautiful collection

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Roshini Sanah Jaiswal, Founder & CEO at Swanrose Inc (USA) & Swanrose India has a passion to collect unique art pieces. With Swanrose, the New York University Alumni plans to bring luxury personal care experience to the evolved Indian consumer by providing innovative segment-first products. In conversation with Entrepreneur, she shares more about her Art affair.

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Tell us about your interest in collecting art pieces. How did it all begin and what kind of art pieces are there in your collection?
My interest in art began at a very early age as I was constantly exposed to museums and artists as I travelled with my grandmother and aunt. Every holiday destination to Europe was inundated with several museum visits. These early museum visits were torturous but they clearly cultivated my taste and love for art. My art pieces are global and they are not restricted to any one medium. Currently, I am drawn to abstract contemporary art but my taste constantly changes.

The most expensive painting in your collection is…

Probably be somewhere in the near future. I would love to own a Warhol a Yayoi Kusama, a Joan Miro, A Raja Ravi Verma, and the list could go on.

Who is your favourite artist?

A favourite piece of art or artist is really a stage of life thing. At various ages, I have loved different artists but I do have a favourite painting more than a favourite artist. A Hussain painting from late 1950 was given to me by my grandmother- I seem to love this painting no matter what my age or stage in life. Interestingly unlike a lot of my other art, I don't seem to tire of it.

Which is your favourite place to buy art?

I like buying artists from across the globe that tells a story that resonates with me. There is something extraordinary and humbling to have beautiful art from different cultures, and sensibilities in your home.

How do you decide whether or not to invest in a piece of art?

I don't invest in art I buy something I love if it also happens to turn into a great investment that's a win-win for me.

In the time of NFTs, do you think it's worth buying a painting?

NFTs are the new buzzword whether this trend becomes something more time will tell. I think the future of art will probably lie in both NFTs and paintings and maybe it's time for me to start thinking of NFTs.