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"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page," said the famous philosopher, St. Augustine. For entrepreneurs, who are in a constant fight with time, reading that book is definitely a task to do. Nonetheless, some of them do make time or at least intend to make time for travel.


Crazy work hours, enormous pressure to succeed, negotiating with investors, deadlines and boardroom meetings can be overwhelming for an entrepreneur. A quick vacation (strictly for leisure) is what can make one re-group and start afresh. The need to unwind is intrinsic to their growth and a process of learning. After all, vacation is serious business! Entrepreneurs give us a tip or two on how to cool it off in this scorching heat – like a boss.

The Balmy Break

She may suggest the best travel destinations in the world, the top five ways to do it too for her readers through her web-magazine, but taking out time for a vacation is a real task for POPxo founder, Priyanka Gill. She still manages to spare a few weeks for her family. Her eyes are set on Ibiza, this summer. It's more of an intentional exercise for her, to clear her mind and start afresh.

"Ibiza is amazing in summers - Great weather, fresh food, a gorgeous pool when you want to chill and access to the best night life when you want to party." Well, a perfect way to unwind then! Catering to your children's tantrums is at par, if not bigger than dealing with a bunch of stubborn investors. You deal the seal – voila, life is great! Priyanka also takes a few weeks off to bond with her children during their Christmas breaks. The busy entrepreneur is also a fan of weekend getaways. Even when on a vacation, she doesn't leave her house without a power bank, her kindle, sunscreen and sunglasses. Ban the summer tan with these travels "must haves'!

Exploring the Unexplored

For author and entrepreneur, Kashyap Deorah travelling means exploring new territories and widening his horizon. Though, he is completely engrossed in his new startup, he likes to travel whenever he gets a chance. His eyes are set on Seychelles this summer. Budget is no constraint for him, all that matters is a memorable experience. All he needs is a new destination, good company, clean air and non-stop flights to make his travel experience a memorable one!

Time is an entrepreneur's enemy. A weeklong vacation is a luxury. Sometimes short, quick breathers in between hectic schedules are good to calm down nerves.

Basking in the Glory of Nature

At, co-founder and COO, Vir Kashyap hopes to make life easy for people. The digital platform connects employers and jobseekers, making jobs accessible to everyone.

When it comes to vacationing, he believes in the same mantra - choosing a travel destination that is accessible. A nature lover, he likes to travel during the off-peak season and his catch this summer is Uttarakhand.

"Proximity to nature is often a must have as part of travel, being mostly stuck in cities it's great to get out. Top notch food is a must have." For him, value of money is always important but seeing new places is also a high priority.

Entrepreneur Priyanka Agarwal is a jack of all trades when it comes to managing her crowdfunding site, In her busy schedule, she believes in the "vacation whenever you can' way of life.

Heading to San Francisco this summer to attend her brother's graduation, Priyanka hopes to make the most of it. A busy year head, she hopes to make some time for Paros, an island in Greece. Spending her days olive picking, making fresh pasta, drinking wine, far away from the chaos of Mumbai – what else could she ask for? On expenses attached with travel she says, "We entrepreneurs are kings (or queens) of "Jugaad', be it using miles to book tickets or crashing with friend, if not Airbnb. Our savings have been poured into our ventures so free cash is always limited."

Alas, there are some for whom travelling for leisure is a far-fetched idea. It is rightly said - all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

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(Originally published in Entrepreneur India magazine's June 2016 edition)