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What Entrepreneurs Do When They Lack The Inspiration In this post,not only you will know what entrepreneurs do but also you can relate it your 'Sometimes Humdrum Life'.

By Alfred Beiley

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"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible'-Francis of Assisi

Yes, we do feel motivated by reading these quotes and watching movies like "The Pursuit of Happyness', "The Shawshank Redemption', "Life of Pi', "The Pianist', "Life is Beautiful', "Forrest Gump', "127 Hours', "Million Dollar Baby', "Coach Carter', "Slum-dog Millionaire', "Freedom Writers', "A Beautiful Mind', "Seven Pounds', "Soul Surfer' and many more. Because the protagonist makes you feel you are the hero.

"Experience-taking' is what it is called in psychology. But sometimes these things are not enough to strive to accomplish your goals and dreams. Our conscience, body, and brain want something peaceable. A lack of inspiration shouldn't slow us down.

People often ask 'What should I do when I lack Inspiration?' We wait long to get inspired and get no work done because of it. Entrepreneurs are "Homo-Sapiens' just like everyone and there are certain things they do, unlike others, what they feel to, and what others frightens to.'What should I do when I lack Inspiration?' We wait long to get inspired and get no work done because of it. Entrepreneurs are "Homo-Sapiens' just like everyone and there are certain things they do, unlike others, what they feel to, and what others frightens to.

Is inspiration so important to make us successful in our lives? As a matter of fact, it is. The inspiration to do anything in your life is essential because it acts as a trigger for the shotgun as it initiates the very vital "Beginning Process' of which we are frightened to jump upon.

Maybe it's a mystery or just a stereotype "What exactly do they do when they lack the inspiration?' In this post,not only you will know what entrepreneurs do but also you can relate it your "Sometimes Humdrum Life'.

1. Meditation Matters

Entrepreneurs might not be doing deep meditation wherein they train their mind to attain the desired state of consciousness. Meditation involves analysis of all kinds of emotions like anger, hatred, compassion and love. According to many psychological studies, it is revealed that meditation drastically minimizes anxiety and stabilizes cognitive ability. Well, that's what they need as a shield in their mundane affairs.

It not only allows them to become inspired but keeps the body fit physically. Today people are suffering from mental illness like stress and depression; when you're stressed, it is hard to get inspired. Even if you are naive in meditation, it will show you its result in a short amount of time.

It eradicates all the hindrances that come in the way of "Sense of Calmness'. It is no strange that the smart entrepreneurs perform better when they are relaxed and mindful.

New to meditation? Don't worry. Check out the iOS app Calm and Android app Headspace. Using proven meditation and mindfulness techniques, these mobile applications train your mind for a healthier, and happier life.

2. Pause to "Digital Media'

From your smartphones to your computers, Television to Tablets, internet to iPod shut everything off and give yourself a needed break- a short break. Strange, Weird? Entrepreneurs do this. They call it "A much needed break'. No, we are not talking about summer holidays.

"Success is no accident. It is hard work, inspiration and love of what you are doing'- Pele

Remember, there were no mobile devices before 100 years and how people were peaceful and patient? Assume being that "Human Being'. That is real difficult; today, human being is also "being human'. Jokes apart.

Coming to the point "Did you know that working is one of the most inspiring tasks you can do?" Then why this stress? The pyschologytoday surveyed 100 individuals of which 50 were given almost all the digital facilities and 50 were provided only the required devices.

After the experiment, it was proved that the later group did 85% effective work than the former. "Digital Media' is becoming crowded and constrained. Yes, it's mandatory to cop with the latest generation but there is no harm in taking a pause.

3. Take a Chill-pill

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep balance, you must keep moving'- Albert Einstein.

In our current culture, people are Rushing-Hustling-Bustling to get things done that they don't take the time to give their body and brain much-needed rest.

According to Phyllis Korkki, a writer for the NY Times, "Employees generally need to detach from their workspace to recharge their internal resources that provide cognitive recharging."

According to Beth W. Orenstein of Everyday Fitness, "It is easy to get frustrated when we feel uninspired. When these moments come, it is often a good idea to take a break for few days. Sometimes your mind just needs a break from all the noise and hustle."

Entrepreneurs realize that if they don't rest, their bodies and minds will have no time to recharge, and mostly importantly the inspiration levels will lower down.

4. Miracles of Music

Head and Heart Combo. Yes, scientifically when you listen to the favorite music the soothing effect connects your brain and conscience emphatically. Maybe all you need is a soft jazz (it's okay if your genre is heavy metal) to get you out of your creative funk. Yes, they have their playlists.

Music does have a large influence on your emotions. Maybe you're having a bad day and it is affecting your working ability. Listening to your favorite song might lift your mood and thus allow to be more productive, innovative and creative in what you will do.

5. Shout out loud

Last but not the least. Scientists bring this factor out frequently because people today don't share their stuff. Their mind becomes a locker room where some junks prevails (that lasts forever). Such garbage has to be removed. The aggression in ourselves, the strain can be abolished when you shout loudly (at a place far which is calm and quiet). Irrespective of this unconventional technique, it is a far more stable and effective trick to get rid of the fatigue foundation you got in.

Next time you feel uninspired, try attempting any of the above and you will be surprised that it works eloquently, just like it functions for the entrepreneurs. As they say, "Human Beings came with a manual. All you need to know is how to read it thorough."

Alfred Beiley

Mobile App Developer and Blogger

Bibliophilic, Story-Teller and Startup Enthusiast, Alfred Beiley is a mobile app developer in 360 Degree Technosoft, a leading mobile app development company offering application development services for iPhone, ipad, android, windows based smartphones.
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