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What Entrepreneurs Have To Say About Lifestyle Habits Almost every accomplished entrepreneur knows the basic rule that a good lifestyle is the secret to keep a business fit too

By Shivang Saxena

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Ones habits and lifestyle creates an impact on the overall self. A healthy and productive being can contribute much more than one who isn't. As they say, a person that has for health, has hope too. Successful life cannot happen without a healthy direction of life.

Almost every accomplished entrepreneur knows the basic rule that a good lifestyle is the secret to keep a business fit too.

Here are some of the most acknowledged lifestyle choices to abide by, as told by some of the greatest entrepreneurs.

Kindergarten knowledge

As one grows up, he learns the most basic rules such as being truthful, keeping everything tidy, having a balanced life. Kids put these rules to each and every activity that they do. Be it painting, singing, playing or dancing. Go back to your roots and hold the most valuable lessons that you learnt about life. John Beaver, who is the EVP and CFO of Biolase, Inc., a dental laser company, believes that small rules have a major impact on a big part of your life. Thus, everything learnt becomes important.

Quit multi-tasking now

Vinita Venkatesh, VP of product marketing for Mya systems, creator of AI recruiter Mya, says that multitasking doesn't really fulfil what all we want to the fullest extent. We want to achieve a zillion things in our life yet focusing on compartmentalizing various streams of thoughts helps a lot more. Making specific tasks and goals for each day is incredibly important for anyone. Running behind multiple things can lead to exhaustion but not necessarily success.

Become mindful

Reading, meditating or even praying can help you gain control over what goes on in your mind. Eyal Barad founded Cannabics Pharmaceuticals which is a company that produces tools and AI for cannabinoid based therapies for cancer treatment. It comes as his observation that to blow others' mind, it becomes pertinent to be in-charge of your own mind first. To believe that you can run any business without having a control of your mind is stupidity. Like Eyal, most entrepreneurs have figured this and thus succeed in their ventures.

Escaping comfort zone

Chris Aimone says that having a flow daily is essential to keep yourself from becoming stale. He co-founded Interaxon, a neurotech company with a funding of $28 million. He describes flow as being into an activity so that everything else disappears. The insecurity, the vulnerability or any fear. He stretches himself in every dimension. He aims to push limits and tries to always go beyond them. To witness boundless growth, one must figure what his comfort zone is firstly and then constantly try to move out of it. The moment you reach the next stage, it won't take long for it to become your next comfort zone. Sure you can ask for help if you need. Having a comfort zone only makes you less open to challenges.

Staying organised

To become a CEO, one must be ready to help and guide a ton of people. The last thing you'd want in this position is to be worrying about your own day and challenges. Having an organised schedule beforehand certainly lets you play it fair and also have an upper hand with problems. Nate Kelly has a $10 million funded tracking technology company, Adero. He knows that if he heads into the next day without organising it, he will end it miserably. Having a little organisation lets you have a chaos free work mode on. He also uses technology well as a tool to figure if he has completed all his essentials for the day. His kids learn a lot from his behaviour and find it interesting to do the same even with their school work.

Saying thank you

The need to deliver affirmative reinforcement more often comes from being surrounded by uncertainty and fear. Under such circumstances, being grateful to people around you not only eases their load but yours, too. It can start with a little thank you note or a positive feedback to your colleagues. Rob Waldron is the CEO of Curriculum Associates, an education tech company. What he noticed with his approach was a systematic shift in his attitude towards work. Such meaningful reinforcements help others calibrate their focus in a much better way. It also allows you to have room for you to have constructive interactions with people around you.

Ease up

As technology rapidly grows, it is obvious to feel its increasing pressure. Slow down your routine and take the hold of your life. There may be times when hustling becomes important yet at the same time being calm is equally essential for your work. Cameron Conaway is the director of marketing communications at Solace, an event broker technology company. He sees the default in hustle and believes in the need to have a relaxed environment, both at home and work. Whatever relaxes you, go for it. Yoga, music or painting. Having a slow paced lifestyle can let your brain capture bigger ideas.

Note it down

Any list maker or note maker knows that having a notebook by your side at all times aces up your game with others. It lets you capture not just other's ideas but your own thoughts too. Be it inspirations or any random phrases, a simple note can help you remember what and how your mind thinks throughout the day. Plus writing it down lets you express and evaluate it as a second person. Deborah Conrad is Chief Marketing Officer at Ground Rounds, a healthcare related tool. She lets 4.2 million people connect to better care. Every few days later she likes to read the notes that she collected. The notes that our brain may forget to make inside need to be jotted down on a piece of paper to have a better hold of your day and projects.

Seek your own creativity

Arvind Raichur is CEO of MrOwl, a community interest engine. Every morning he looks for creative ways through which he can release his inputs. He finds creativity in work quite meditative and also as reset to his whole mood. He seeks creativity in business related books and concepts never known to him. These also provide you ample room for motivational boost for the rest of your day. Creativity is often termed as man's artistic expression of what's inside him. If you have created instinct, then it is awesome. However, even if you don't, the practise of inculcating it gradually solves that problem for you.

Own your schedule

Without one being in control of their schedule and priorities, he can never achieve success in life or career. Be it a meeting calendar or your weekly goals, projects and plans require an adequate schedule to channelise your energy and time in them. It gives a sense of ownership to you. Not only planning but executing the plan becomes important as well. Having the same vigor while executing your schedule gives a tremendous boost to your project. Monu Kalsi is the VP of Stericycle, a $3 billion B2B service where he heads the marketing and branding. He finds it difficult to head into projects without enough scheduling beforehand. Scheduling gives him a sense of control that nothing else could.

Quest for more

"The one mantra that keeps me going is the quest for achieving greatness. My whole life I have believed that all of us are born to witness that one spectacular supernova moment in our lives that makes us feel like fulfilling our purpose on planet earth. I wake up every morning with the hope of witnessing that moment, says Richa Khandelwal, Director, LeadsConnect Services Pvt. Ltd. LeadsConnect is a decade plus old multifaceted company with interests in Agri-tech, Agri-research, Agri value chain and brand management.

Are you a wantrepreneur or already entrepreneuring? Accomplished entrepreneurs turn these habits into ways to achieve success for themselves. Consistency, determination and patience gets you to practice these habits well. Stick to these and see yourself changing with them. Life can become meaningful, if every task performed in it is done with precision and caution. Lifestyle can gradually deplete or improve the sharpness of your brain. Henceforth, having the best lifestyle has a deeper meaning for you and your venture.

Shivang Saxena

Freelance writer

Shivang Saxena is a New Delhi-based writer-entrepreneur. Reading, writing & entrepreneur-ing always. He's the founder of The Words Vibe. A platform for newbie writers to hone their skills. He's also working with his first book called, "Too Many Thoughts, Too Many People" which is due to get published by end of 2021. 

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