Growth Hacking Tips to Increase Your Brand Awareness Via Social Media

Social media algorithms are set up so well for an individual user that they will only see what they want.

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Every brand wants to increase their social media numbers rapidly, increase in your social media brand page means your content will be consumed by more users and ultimately that content will lead them to your website or landing page with the help of call to action you created.

Gone are those days where people use to generate traffic from social media. Social media algorithms are set up so well for an individual user that they will only see what they want. That's where comes the paid ads, where one puts in thousands of money to get the result of what you want.

To reach out to more customers and increase ones awareness on social media is possible with the growth hacks tricks. Growth hacks are basically guerilla marketing tactics and now you will be thinking that you have to put more money to witness success or post 4-5 times a day on your social media page, the answer is no.

In a simple way, one can say that growth hack is where you have to concentrate more on "share' rather than "follow' call to action. It's simple logic, creating follower base you need to invest money in ads instead and can ask the user to share their content,which your shared content will be seen by their friends and relatives and they might get interested in your product and end up following your page.

To create a shareable content you need to be very sure what you post and what will be your strategy. Below are the simple tricks we can apply to your brand page to increase your awareness on social media rapidly:

Go with the trend: There is some hot topic on social media that users talk about eventually, that topic appears to be on the trending list. Example like in real estate the user will be talking about RERA or affordable housing, in finance user will be talking about GST or budget, in technology user will be talking about bitcoins or automation, every business sector has a trending topic and interested user doesn't leave a chance to express their feeling about that. Now it's our chance to create some content which will be relatable to that particular conversations that users are having about. By this way our content will be in their conversations, ultimately creating more reach and views on our content. The other thing that trend nowadays is "meme', and you can create some content using it if your brand guidelines allow you. There is nothing quirky than this.

Feedback and Reports: Take timely feedback from the customer base via online feedback form. Also, make sure you analyze your reports daily via tools or from particular social media API. This will help you to understand what your users are looking for. Taking both into consideration you can create your content strategy and make changes in your product also.

Be the leader of your content: Make sure what you post is beneficial for the page and for your audience. Having a leadership approach to your content will make user rely on your information and hence a call to action will be completed. Even if the call to action is the last step, the user will consider your content in this case and hence it will be counted as an engagement.

User-Generated Content: This comes in handy if your brand is below maturity level of witnessing the success. Now a user will put more trust in another user rather than your campaign. It's basically letting your user know that our product is used by your friends also and they are having conversation about it on social media. UGC also helps in cutting down the cost of creating content. For service industry, it can be reviews or testimonial.

Visual content speaks more: According to the survey's done by all social platforms video content is more consumed by user, making sure to create content in the visual format. It's not necessary that every post must be in video format. Analyze your data and then decide what product information you would like to cover in a video format.

Influencer marketing: Having your product reviewed or promoted by a social media influencer poses a greater impact on users. With the help of influencer one can target larger set of audience in less time. Influencers marketing helps us to tap new audience which are followers of influencers. Having influencers promoting or rating our product creates trust amongst the users

It's very easy to strategies for a business but very hard to execute. If above points are properly executed, in the end, growth hacking naturally will give you a result of word-of-mouth awareness which on social media is share button.

Gurpreet Soundh

Founder and CEO

Gurpreet has been working in the digital marketing industry for over 4 years and has majored in brand management. He is an advertisement freak.

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