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#5 Ways to Produce Efficient Entrepreneurs By Changing the Way we Teach While our educators are responsible for the preparation of our future generations - or the lack thereof, this extremely crucial task is neglected due to an outdated education system

By Ayrin Islam

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Thomas L. Friedman, in conversation with the Harvard education specialist Tony Wagner, said:

"My generation had it easy. We got to "find" a job. But, more than ever, our kids will have to "invent" a job."

Education is the foundation of a generation's successful future. Regardless of the existing, outdated education system in schools and other institutions, the transformation of the system into one that can adapt to the future is imminent. The numerous inefficiencies that make up the current educational environment make it nearly impossible to bring forth the necessary reinforcements.

With new educational concepts and technology, the revamping of the education system is crucial in shaping the entrepreneurs of the future. Here are five ways education can evolve to keep up with the next generation.

1. Always Be Prepared

While our educators are responsible for the preparation of our future generations — or the lack thereof, this extremely crucial task is neglected due to an outdated education system. The next generation of aspiring leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs will be leading a far more complicated mass of people who are well-informed yet unaware. Whether it is the workforce, the businesses, or other tasks, we need to shape our newer generations for a better future.

2. Adapt or Die

The thick cloud of uncertainty that shadows the future is exactly what the next generation needs. This will lead to their adaptability. Rather than educating the newer generations with the achievements of the past, it is much more necessary to incorporate innovative and collaborative problem solving abilities in order for them to be better equipped for the future. As technology advances, the global business environment becomes the backyard for everyone, whether they are in developed nations or in developing nations. Entrepreneurs of the future must be able to think outside of their particular roles and take risks to prove they are competitive and subsequently succeed.

3. Innovation is Key

With more and more people becoming self-employed even today, the overall rise of self-employment in the future should be a concern in reforming our education system, as the future generations will be inventing jobs based on their skills rather than finding employment. The traditional method learning as we memorize facts and state them to reinforce our ideas is not and cannot be a skill worth much, not even today!

Instead of heavily relying on discipline, uniformity, objectivity, our education system should be focused on self-reliance, collaboration and innovation. Instead of testing them on the ability to state facts, we need to educate them to apply their knowledge to break barriers and explore solutions which are out of the ordinary.

4. Expect the Unexpected

Every individual is more likely to be an entrepreneur of the future, leading others with like-minded passions and interests. Applying our technology and innovation in teaching enables them freedom to express in more ways than ever before. This will prepare them for the uncertain and rapidly dynamic expectations of the future workplace. They will be taught to lead, to think, and to adapt to their failures.

5. Shirk Tradition

Traditional, structured degrees cannot possibly be helpful in the dynamic future environment. As we see in many things today, in a matter of days, weeks, or even months they become outdated.

As for skills, it is no different: Unless our skills are continuously developing, they will become outdated sooner or later. In order to survive in the rapidly changing dynamics of the future, we need to be equipped to constantly adopt newer methods and adapt our skills to the environment.

The responsibility does not only fall on educational institutions, rather it falls on employers and entrepreneurs today. Tech companies need to invest in providing communities with special programs, support other organizations mostly, non profit organizations dedicated to closing the gender gap, poverty, etc.

Organizations that adopt such responsibilities will help in inspiring the entrepreneurs of the future by preparing them with the skills needed to build a better world – a global responsibility, indeed!

Ayrin Islam

CEO, ringID

Ayrin Islam, based in Montreal, Canada, is the female co-founder and CEO of ringID, a social networking platform with voice and video calls, instant messaging, multimedia sharing, secret chat, and more. With a keen interest in cutting-edge technology and a degree in commerce, she started her first business fresh out of university. Ayrin quickly established herself as the woman in charge of several technology businesses, including telecommunications, IT, colocation services and IP based communication software. In addition to being a tech entrepreneur, Ayrin also has experience as a successful corporate leader: Just four years after finishing her degree, she started serving as the chairwoman of Bangladesh's largest data center service provider, as well as the CEO and managing director of another telecoms firm.

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