A Visionary Doctor Explains How Novel Technology Is Changing Advanced Manufacturing

Dr. Dean Bartles is well-suited to explain the complexities of the field and how it is being transformed with the help of the latest emerging technologies

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Technology is changing rapidly. The limits of what was believed to be possible are constantly being shattered. IoT, smart technology, AI, AR/VR, and more are all transforming industries across the board, with manufacturing being no different. Advanced manufacturing expert Dr. Dean Bartles, who has over 40 years of experience when it comes to industrial management, production, and innovation, explains how these novel technologies are changing manufacturing.

Srivatsa KR

Dr. Bartles is a leading authority when it comes to the advanced manufacturing arena. He is well-suited to explain the complexities of the field and how it is being transformed with the help of the latest emerging technologies. With the boundaries continually being pushed when it comes to technology, companies need to keep up and adopt emerging technologies if they want to get an edge over their competitors.

As far as advanced manufacturing goes, Dr. Bartles, who is the CEO of Manufacturing Technology Deployment Group (MTDG), has found that leading-edge machinery can optimize the processes and systems manufacturing companies are utilizing. Production continues to be in ever-greater demand, and advanced manufacturing can help bridge the gap.

Through his work with MTDG, Dr. Bartles has helped expand the degree to which advanced manufacturing is adopted all over the world. With the economy increasingly becoming a global one, it is essential for companies and their distributed branches to all become a part of Industry 4.0.

Thanks to the invaluable experience over several decades within manufacturing, Dr. Bartles has become very knowledgeable regarding what innovations and creative changes need to be adopted for companies within the industry to thrive. His master's degree in international business, along with a Ph.D. in technology management, have both helped him to make informed and prudent decisions for companies he has worked for and advised.

The experience Dr. Bartles amassed while at Fairchild Defense Company and General Dynamics has helped him develop the comprehensive and innovative perspective he now holds. Holding a number of high-level positions at an assortment of advanced technology companies all led to him becoming the president and CEO of Advanced Manufacturing International's parent company.

His insights into his work while in this position demonstrate that he understands how small to medium manufacturers (SMMs) can increase their sales, production, and innovation to stay competitive in the global economy.

Challenges are facing advanced manufacturing today, and these can be overcome with the help of emerging technologies. More advanced machinery could address many of the pain points, such as sluggish production and lack of proper data analytics, and is indeed already doing so for major companies. However, the main issue today lies in the fact that these technologies are expensive, making it very challenging for SMMs to integrate them.

SMMs have seen their production continue heading down the path of becoming irrelevant and unable to compete with those companies that are already squarely within Industry 4.0. The slow adoption of emerging technologies is giving them a devastating blow when it comes to being competitive on a global level.

This is not just a problem that affects SMMs. The entire advanced manufacturing industry gets hits with the impact this causes. Thankfully, Dr. Bartles has come up with a solution that may finally resolve this issue.

As the founder of AMI, which is a subsidiary of MTDG, he has made it a priority to help SMMs retool their operations with the help of the latest advanced manufacturing technologies, and do so at a lower cost than usual. This initiative has been helping an increasing number of SMMs regain their competitive edge over other companies in the global manufacturing industry.

Besides being able to afford the latest and greatest in emerging and advanced technologies, SMMs in the manufacturing industry have another issue looming over them. Cybersecurity has become of increasing importance, especially in 2021, where a multitude of cyberattacks has occurred. This is an issue that is usually not given much consideration yet only becomes graver as time goes on.

Whenever machinery is connected to the Internet, it will be placing itself at risk of being targeted, exploited, and damaged. Dr. Bartles has a solution for SMMs that involves high-level encryption and secure blockchain technology that is provided at a low cost. This helps SMMs keep their valuable data safe and secure.

Technology is rapidly changing, and with it so must companies in the manufacturing sector. Dr. Dean Bartles has repeatedly demonstrated he knows how to address the issues facing SMMs and the advanced manufacturing industry as a whole, and vows to keep doing so for the foreseeable future.