TikTok is Dancing High With its Rise in India

TikTok has garnered a huge following in India. App has 120 million active monthly users in India

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For youngsters in India, TikTok is their favourite app which lets them showcase their creativity and talent with the world. Currently, TikTok has 120 million active monthly users in India. It reflects the popularity this app has garnered and enjoys in the country. TikTok app helps the users to connect with people at a global level and share their culture with them. Let's take a look at the rise of short video content app.

Rise of Short Video Content

In this age of the internet, the user is distracted and doesn't want to consume content that is long. The short video content is appropriate as it entertains the user and gives them a platform to explore their creativity. TikTok currently has 200 million users with different categories like dancing, acting, education, health, fitness and more for users to showcase their talent. Sachin Sharma, Director of sales and partnership at TikTok said, "TikTok has filled the gap by bringing people from across the deepest pockets of the country online and giving them a platform to express themselves creatively".

The short video format breaks the monotony from long-form content and helps the user to consume more types of content and topic which is short, informative and entertaining. Sachin Sharma says, "this uniqueness has broken barriers of location, language, caste, religion or even socio-economic background giving every Indian TikTok user to become part of a creative and fun community".

Two-edged Knife Platform

A platform like TikTok is a two-edged knife where users create the content and they might abuse it as well. In March 2019, TikTok app was banned by the government but later it was revoked. TikoTok has been criticized for content that is pornographic in nature and specifically for child pornography. After the ban, the app removed the videos with content that went against the policies and local laws.

Sachin Sharma says that the moderation team based on community guidelines ensures the digital wellbeing of users. He further says that the app has 14 industry-led features which enable users to take control of their accounts and decide who can engage with their content and account. Also, the app has restricted the new user's age to below 13 years.

Venture into Educational Content

TikTok recently launched the campaign with hashtag EduTok which encourages users to create content around education, health, motivation and more. This has attracted many teachers and professionals who are engaging with users on the app with "clean content' which is educating and informative. Sachin Sharma says that the campaign showcases the spirit of the TikTok creators who use the platform to bring about a change in society by sharing their knowledge with a global community.

EduTok campaign has become popular with over 4.5 billion views and many popular creators are using it as a medium to share their knowledge. Sachin Sharma says creators like Dr Animesh with 1.7 million users are sharing health and fitness tips with his fans. Also, hashtags enable people from even remote corners of the country to show their creativity.

Way Forward for the App

Currently, TikTok is available in 10 Indian languages which give diverse people from diverse places to showcase their talent on the platform. The growth of short video content is rising in the country with increasing consumption and followers. Sachin Sharma says, "next wave of 200-400 million joining the internet might experience TikTok as their first social media platform where they can share special moments of their lives not only with their friends and family but also with a global audience with similar interests".

TikTok is a very multifaceted and diversified platform which offers its users content and platform to share their stories as well. As Sachin Sharma says, it has filled the gap by bringing people from across the deepest pockets of the country online and giving them a platform to express themselves creatively.

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