How Different Is Today's Gen Z Youth? Organizational learning environment is now becoming less and less interesting for students

By Ameen Khwaja

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Today, Internet can provide you every kind of knowledge quite easily. However, having so many options for the single purpose of gathering the necessary knowledge about any specific topic may also increase confusion and that is the case with Generation Z.

Understanding their Priorities

We all know few facts about Generation Z. However, when we find the overload stack of information then it becomes hard to figure out the exact factors that appeals to Generation Z. In order to figure out the appeal factors for this generation, it is necessary to understand the Gen Z priorities.

Basically, Generation Z is a generation born between the year 1995 and 2010. This has been a perfect time for technology and science evaluation. The changes that took place in the culture, society and preferences of youth mainly depend on the revolutionary development in tech.

Societal Changes Drive Choices

As result, Generation Z started appreciating and preferring tech advancements. The changes in society drive the choices, preferences and needs of youth. That is the main factor that makes today's Generation Z much different than millennials.

According to the analysis and report of the ConsumerLab, it has been estimated that India has the population of approximately 200 million children that are under the age of 18 years. 69 million of these children natively reside in urban and developed areas.

Additionally, the study reveals that approximately 40 per cent of overall Generation Z youth prefer to dine out. It is mostly at expensive restaurants and approximately 23 per cent of them use the credit cards of their parents for purchasing new things and tech stuff.

First Generation of Digital Native Youths

This is quite significant that the Gen Z is tech savvy and prefers different standards of lifestyle which makes them different from other generations. In short, we can say that rapid change has been the most consistent aspect of Gen Z.

This is a very first generation that comes with the digital native youths. The Gen Z youth are aware of a tech savvy lifestyle and they prefer to choose social media and online shopping over other daily routines.

Due to this significant change in the preferences of Gen Z, several attributes and preferences towards relationship, information, privacy and security has been shifted. This is the factor that showcases the fact that this generation has their very own personalized way of perceiving things.

How Gen Z Youth is Different

Here are some important things about youth of India's Generation Z. In order to understand Generation Z better, let's look at some of the most common examples that differentiate the youth of this generation from others.

1. Tech Gadgets: Smartphones are one of the most commonly used electronic gadgets amongst the Indian teenagers. The ratio of smart phone utilization is around 83% in India which show how much Indian youth is driven by smart phones.

Devices like laptop, desktop or home pc are highly popular modes that are used for accessing internet and it has 44% ratio of utilization. Interestingly, ratio of internet access over smart phones is 43%.

2. Accessibility: It is proven by the study that almost 26% of the Gen Z youth prefer to spend every day at least an hour online. Due to instant notifications, 27% of the overall teenager's population responds to the notifications instantly within the first five minutes after receiving them.

It is also fact that 49% of overall online activities of youth respondents are carefully monitored by their parents and almost 48% of the online responder's parents have complete freedom of accessing the accounts.

3. Learning: The organizational learning environment is now becoming less and less interesting for students. Right now, there is a trend amongst Indian teenagers to break-free. Students these days are moving forward and preferring online learning space for better and convenient education.

Due to this change of interest, collaborative learning and DIY education are becoming more popular. Almost 21% online responders utilize the video chat feature to learn a new hobby. Almost 20.5% students prefer to do their school assignments online and 15% students prefer online educational tutorials.

4. Communication: Even in the fast moving and advanced world, almost 40% people still choose to do face-to-face communication with their friends in comparison of other methods like social media and phone calls.

5. Gadgets: Popularity of electronic gadgets between Gen Z is 57% which is closely followed by Books and apparels. 50% of overall youth prefer books and 37% of youth choose apparels over other choices.

6. Economical: Gen Z is a competitive and practical generation. They choose to play in their own boundaries of the yard. They have different needs and totally different purchase hobbies as well. Basically, they choose technology over traditional selections.

7. Personalization: For Gen Z, luxury brands are not important. For them, luxury is all about personal gratification and individualism. Gen Z possess an extreme individuality of character and the seamless comfort with online shopping which has led to Gen Z crafting their own idea of "MyLuxury'where supposed brand value is trumped by quality, value and personal excitement based on individual choices and what brands mean to them personally.

Ameen Khwaja

Founder & CEO - pTron

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