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How Petcare Can Broaden Its Reach And Penetration By Leveraging E-commerce Now a pet parent living in the remotest corner of the country, who earlier didn't have options, can easily browse from a selection of petcare products

By Varun Sadana

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It's 2022, browsing and shopping from e-commerce platforms is the new comfort zone for consumers. But not long ago, this was a dream for pet parents in India. While the number of pet parents increased, accessibility to quality petcare products and affordable services couldn't keep up. This was a gaping hole waiting to be occupied by a reliable petcare platform that would not only make it easy for parents to choose from but also increase the quality of their pet's life. That's how online petcare brands came to be. To solve real-life problems and make pet parenting a hassle-free experience.

In 2022, petcare brands have successfully leveraged the power of e-commerce and have been able to penetrate even the remotest of markets. Now a pet parent living in the remotest corner of the country, who earlier didn't have options, can easily browse from a selection of petcare products. Slowly but steadily, pet parents are now getting aware of the benefits of online purchasing.

Another reason why pet parents have transitioned from traditional markets to e-commerce is that the former has become inconvenient. But one of the most significant ones is the growing availability of pet products and online services. For example, websites now offer countless options across categories for both cats and dogs along with online vet consultation and dog training. With the advent of internet shopping, it has become effortless to find and purchase products specifically designed for pets. In addition, high-quality products at reasonable prices are now much easier to access, regardless of where you live.

While the movement from e-commerce to quick commerce has taken place in other industries, petcare is still trying to latch on to the e-commerce space.

Another significant advantage of online pet shopping is the ability to search for products based on specific criteria. Many pet products are available in multiple sizes and varieties, making it challenging to know which one is best for your pet. Filtered searches on online shopping platforms come to the rescue here. It helps pet parents by narrowing down the factors such as life stage, breed size, pet type, flavour and many more filters.

Finally, online shopping can be more convenient than traditional retail stores regarding returns and exchanges. For example, online stores generally have much more lenient return policies than brick-and-mortar stores, making it much easier to exchange items if they are not the right fit. Additionally, many online stores offer free shipping both ways, making returns even more accessible and more convenient. Customers can go through the return policy with a click. It's that easy!

Being at the forefront of the industry is never easy. However, it can be gratifying and lead to long-lasting success. E-commerce is one way to take your pet care brand global and reach a larger audience. Here's how has leveraged the e-commerce space in petcare.

Through e-commerce, a petcare brand aims to bridge the gap between pet parents and correct petcare information. To make this happen, social media is being used as a tool along with the website. So from a puppy parent to a kitten parent, the beginning of the pet parenting journey has now become a little easier.

Additionally, brands have created a reliable online marketplace with a D2C business model so pet parents can choose from over 200+ pet care brands that best fits their pet's needs. In addition, they have been able to provide a way for national, international and homegrown brands to reach new customers who may not yet be familiar with them. The discoverability of petcare brands has maxed out and is only increasing by the day.

Petcare brands have also optimised their product listings. This includes creating attractive product descriptions, adding photos, and setting prices. The more appealing your product listings are, the more likely potential buyers will make a purchase. There's equal reliance on features such as SEO optimization or Google ad words that can help improve visibility and lead generation.

The key is to do what works best for you and your brand while still reaching the most people possible. In a developing world, it's best to keep up with the times and embrace the changes. Petcare is still new to our country, but we can reach great heights with growing awareness and opportunities with the right tools.

Varun Sadana

Co-founder, Supertails

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