Here's How to Create Quality Content in the Age of Social Media

Content is always the "king"! Be it a manufacturing company or a service driven one, every sales unit is finally selling the content.

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Today everyone has become a content generator and the same content generator is also the viewer. The content consumer today "binges" on content. They move from platform to platform, TV channel to TV channel and Instagram profiles in a split second. The only way to keep them hooked on to your offering is by showcasing stellar content and by being aware of what your consumer really wants. The first touch point of the consumer to a product is the brand communication and content and the entire brand story is made or broken at this very crucial stage. Once your viewer is hooked, they become brand advocates and brand voices that will market \you're offering better than even you. The biggest win for a content company or brand is when their viewer starts coming back to their platform repeatedly. Viewer retention is as important if not more as viewer addition.


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Content takes the centre stage

Content is always the "king"! Be it a manufacturing company or a service driven one, every sales unit is finally selling the content. The content is what connects people to the brand and makes them stick. It is not always about producing or developing expensive content but about creating content, which tells a story and clears one at that. A good content piece is like a story, which keeps one hooked and has one wanting more.

Understand your consumer

Before generating content, one must understand what they want to achieve from that content and who the final consumer of that content would be. The messaging behind the content has to be simple and direct and one needs to make sure that it resonates/answers the specific needs of the consumer. The consumer in each industry is different and there is no clear-cut path to achieving the right content piece. It needs to be tweaked and adapted to the needs of the consumer in that particular position.

Age of Social media and influencing

In the age of social media, content makers have had to reboot their entire understanding of how content needs to be. Clear communication and storytelling need to be achieved in less than a minute and that's both a Boon and Bane. Boon because the messaging can be direct and precise, and Bain because sometimes a minute is just too less to communicate the entire brand ethos. Even larger brands today are competing with social media influencers and content makers to make a mark.

Market research – Qualitative & quantitative

As content creators, we are passionate and impulsive. We first came up with the idea/story and then go about finding the consumer for that content. Even if one has a content idea, it is always a good idea to find the exact viewer who would view that content and tweak it basis that viewers profile. Qualitative and quantitative research is key. Creative individuals dismiss the power of data and numbers behind a good content piece. Focus groups, industry data and market reports can give the content generator a clear understanding of the direction that the story should take to touch that cord with the viewer.

Engaging and thought-provoking content

Speak "with" the viewer and not "to" the viewer. More often than not, we as content creators consider ourselves to be an authority on the subject. However, one tends to form a bond/relationship with the viewer only when they start having a conversation with them, resulting in them feeling a part of the content. The idea is to pass on the message in a simple, non-preachy manner using the many creative tools, which are readily available in today's day and age.