Planning to Start a New Venture? Here are Some Mantras for Success You Need to Follow!

A positive attitude and resilience do not just help in conquering business challenges, but also can help you convert them into opportunities

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During this era of emerging technological interventions and an ease in the availability of risk capital in the budding business ecosystem, there is a lot of scopes to venture and flourish on an entrepreneurial journey. Since the possibilities are massive and the cost of failure is relatively lesser than what it was for the previous generation, budding innovators are increasingly venturing in the world of entrepreneurship. Amidst such a competitive atmosphere, if you want to carve a niche of your own and succeed in your own venture, here are some mantras you need to strictly adhere to:

Clear-cut vision and thorough planning

It is necessary to begin your entrepreneurial journey with a well-defined goal or a purpose and to not let the enthusiasm blind you. Having a clear vision not only keeps one motivated but also aides in working towards that direction. You need to know what exact problem or need-gap your business will address and make a thorough plan and devise strategies accordingly. A clear vision with the right planning lays a strong foundation for any entrepreneurial venture.

Long-term approach

Despite having a unique business model, many businesses fail due to the absence of a long-term strategy. Answering the "what" and defining the "how" of their business can help entrepreneurs in implementing a robust growth blueprint. Not only does this provide a coherent future vision for your start-up, but also allows you to plan ahead for contingencies and stay on top of any unforeseen changes in market dynamics. You are additionally able to map your current performance against predefined business goals, as well as to identify which business goals are no longer feasible. Such an approach allows your start-up to be flexible and agile while providing major growth markers as guiding milestones for your operations.

Tough commitment

Making the entrepreneurial leap is not an easy decision to make and adhere to. When you are running your own business, you will be living on the edge – 24/7. This is why you need to ensure that you are ready for this major transition in your life. A tough commitment and dedication go a long way, enabling you to fulfil the expectations of your venture.

Passion and dedication

In order to venture into something that will impact the rest of your life, you need to be utterly passionate and dedicated to it. It is virtues like these that help you during times of uncertainty. Passion and dedication go a long way, from building the very pillars to ensuring that the success achieved stays intact and only continues to grow, therefore providing a strong anchor. It keeps you inspired to continue striving for more. After all, entrepreneurship isn't easy. There will be long periods that you will have to go without making much money or long hours that you will spend away from your friends and family. Only unstinted passion and dedication can see you through such phases.

Strong networking

Networking is a very crucial aspect when you are venturing into entrepreneurship. Through networking, you gain an access not just to insights, ideas and practices but also to funding, alliance opportunities, client leads and resource provisions. Networking can prove to be a potential learning space as well as a space for business prospects and expansion and has become increasingly important in this day and age for entrepreneurial success.

Willingness to take risks

You need to be audacious enough and open to taking risks. Success cannot be achieved overnight merely by thinking about it, and bold steps need to be taken to build something from scratch, especially in the current entrepreneurial atmosphere where everything is new, ever-changing and challenging. You need to face the challenges by putting in calculated efforts and not shy away from taking chances.

Acceptance of failure

Failures are nothing to be ashamed of and accepting those gracefully only helps get back with an even stronger base and plan. As they say, failures are nothing but stepping stones to success. Failures are like new experiences and successful entrepreneurs are those who can turn their losses into new lessons by being all the more careful with their approach and not repeating the mistakes or the risks ventured into previously.

Prioritizing customers and employees

Your customer and their needs should always be your priority. Having an intimate understanding of your customers and focusing on their viewpoint not only helps win their trust but drives innovation too. Since innovation is the very foundation of any successful business, this goes a long way. Along with that, you also need to build a strong and effective workforce and prioritize their needs as well. A successful venture is nothing but a team effectively working towards a vision.

Building a business is similar to a roller-coaster ride. You may face many ups and downs, but you need to be patient and committed through all these hurdles. A positive attitude and resilience do not just help in conquering business challenges, but also can help you convert them into opportunities. Such an approach, together with these above-mentioned mantras, will help pave the way for your entrepreneurial success.

Sandeep Aggarwal

Founder and CEO, Droom

A serial entrepreneur, Sandeep Aggarwal is the founder and CEO at Droom, an online marketplace for buying and selling automobiles - be it cars, bikes, scooters, superbikes, supercars, vintage cars, vintage scooters, bicycles and so on. Founded in April 2014, the fully transactional platform also sells a number of automobile services including car care & detailing, auto inspection, roadside assistance, warranty, and insurance listed by third party vendors.

He is also the founder of - India’s fist managed marketplace.

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