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How to Properly Customize Your First Office Space – To Derive Optimal Work Productivity Choosing an office space is only the icing on the cake, how to make use of it comprises the foundation

By Rahul R

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Excitement of looking for a new place to start work is equal to that of kid exploring for a small place to keep his/her stuff and make it his/her Den.That small place is the pinnacle of the cosmos of thoughts for that child and same goes for a Businessman. Entrepreneurship has undoubtedly been turning into a way of life for the generation of today's who is now engaged in constantly leveraging entrepreneurial advantages. With an increasing number of people, even professionals having worked elsewhere earlier, preferring to turn entrepreneurs, it only becomes imminent that the right guidance becomes accessible to this new age community.

A vital tool, also doubling as a guidance aspect, for the first-time entrepreneur is customizing an office space after finalising one. Here, it is worth noting that co-working spaces offer all aspects of a conventional office (and sometimes more); if you are a new business owner preferring to set up an office space for yourself rather than opt for co-working spaces, then the below pointers should get your office space up efficiently for good use by your team and yourself.

Check out the top five tips to customizing that perfect office space, before and after you choose one:

  • Strategize effectively: Choosing an office space just because it is cheap is the stupidest way out. Before you choose an office space, to run your business venture, take time out to properly formulate a strategy on these aspects; location, accessibility, facilities on offer for employees (in case you have teams), good ventilation, and a recreation area. Carefully match your budget with these parameters. Be prepared to even extend your budgets marginally.

  • Ensure daily motivation: Your chosen office space must reflect motivational spirits and should get your employees motivated right from the time they enter office. Ensure that you place motivational portraits/illustrations and pepper walls with quotes of motivation. You could also highlight what you intend to do in a spate illustration, to be represented on the walls.

  • Minding gaps: While placing workstations at desks, ensure that there is sufficient gap between two workstations and plenty of room for employees to customize their work areas. Allowing for customization lets employees potentially unleash their creative side. You could also gauge the creative level of employees through this approach.

  • Organize motivational sessions: Once your office space is set, it should do a world of good for you to regularly invite motivational speakers and have them conduct sessions for your employees. This approach goes a long way in ensuring that your team members are motivated while working and thereby produce their best work.

  • Recreation matters: A separate recreation area for employees is a mandate today as your co-workers also need a break from work to eliminate monotony and to add that element of fun into work. Employee recreational facilities could include a table tennis court, foosball, indoor games like carrom and chess, more. Also ensure that you have the latest newspapers, periodicals, and good reading material for employees to keep abreast of latest developments and to potentially unleash their creative juices while at work.

  • Introduce the audio-visual touch: When you have a full-fledged office space for yourself, pay diligence to having a separate or at least converting one of your conference rooms into an audio-visual theatre. This is to get your employees connected with new trends (and happenings) vital to your business and enable them obtain a first-hand feel of what it is like to work with these trends. This approach is identical to that of a school where students are exposed to audio-visual methods of learning; same holds true for your employees also. Remember that entrepreneurship is always an endless process of learning.

Rahul R

Former Staff

Rahul R is a media professional with over 6 years of experience. Prior to Entrepreneur India, Rahul was a Senior Technical Journalist at EFY digital magazine. 

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