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Here is How to Make Beautiful Profession out of a Heritage World Heritage walks is an upcoming profession for entrepreneurs and must be capitalised

By Manoj Joshi

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The Tourism industry, in the 21st century, has emerged as one major contributor to economic growth. Tourism has leapfrogged in areas of heritage tourism, with endless business opportunities, defined by "experiences' and in-destination engagements. The business dynamics of tourism thrives on the host-community or the local community of a particular destination. It then becomes important to respect and understand the values, principles and sentiments of the community and work closely with them. The alternate career option creation in this sector has led to an amalgamation of tourism and history. While options like these were first witnessed in Israel and the United Kingdom, India is not far behind. How many entrepreneurs, like India city walks, are ready to build upon this opportunity?

Entrepreneurs are a different breed of individuals, who follow their dreams and fueled by their passion. There is no dearth to their imaginative thinking, creativity and innovation that they bring with each set of actions. There are inspired and build on inspiration as a legacy. They bring in new value to old assets, innovatively. They integrate local communities through employment generation and at the same time wealth creation. In India with a state of employment, these micro-entrepreneurs are owing up to yet another benchmark by creating jobs, inducting them and training for higher returns in the long run. With new avenues, job creation, the youth is being made aware of a larger realm in heritage, history and culture. These are the next breed of young generation entrepreneurs. The success story of the travel and tourism industry with its booming numbers owes in a big way to the enablers of tourism. People from all walks of life are now a part of this change. They are heritage in themselves.

What is Heritage?

In the turbulent world we live in, has Heritage been left behind? Why is it so? Have we forgotten that our presence is a result of the past? Entrepreneurs, mostly are speeding to capitalise upon opportunities but very few have found this potential market (Heritage) to embark upon and carry forward the legend, like a storyteller or a heritage walk leader. These flag bearers of heritage and culture have been existing for generations. The presence of heritage is in the form of buildings, the inescapable landscapes, cuisines, gardens, the monuments etc must, therefore, be explored. Do we have heritage walk leaders to embark upon such opportunities? Perhaps, very few! There is a dire need to have organised "Heritage Walks', taking forward the values passed over from generations to generations. This is a good opportunity for the new breed of entrepreneurs, fast and rewarding.

The Heritage Walks

Heritage walks are built around experiential learning, taking recreational to educational benefits. There is an unlimited scope in every city, just look around yourself, the possibilities and opportunities are unlimited. One of the closest examples is Český Krumlov, a small town in the Czech Republic, declared as a world heritage centre. This small town with a population of around 13,200, is situated in the banks of river Vltava, built around 13th-century castle. We must accept that this is an outstanding example of a small town in central Europe to have been preserved with its deep cultural insights and heritage by its heritage walk leaders and the micro entrepreneurs. The primary objective being is to appreciate and celebrate the diversity in culture carried over generations. Heritage Walk is the answer to such iconic preservation of the city culture. Does India have a city's heritage walk entrepreneurs? Interestingly, the city of Lucknow adds to the UNESCO heritage site. Rise up entrepreneur, start the heritage walks.

India City Walks

India has a diversity in its culture, art and history. There are innumerable local traditions yet to be explored. There is yet another desire to interlink the cultural exchange between such diversities. India City Walks is a timely response to such needs where one creates entrepreneurs, works with the local communities, showcases the best of India to the globe and keep the traditions alive while generating new jobs. With the mantra of "exploring the city's soul', heritage is presented to the younger generations by India City Walks. These walks are as diversified as it combines the heritage walks, the spiritual experience and for the gourmet lovers a life full of experience in festive style, photo walking and capturing the feel. In the long run, such appreciative encounters shall create an ecosystem of people in delivering designed heritage walks and promote tourism. These heritage walks will be of a great commitment to the nation in preserving its heritage and also in promoting entrepreneurs. Additionally, the generations to come will have mutual respect, understanding of others culture, curating tolerance, liking and enhancing family bonding.

It is high time that India promotes the city's heritage walk leaders in carrying forward the intentions of young entrepreneurs. Promoting tourism is the right answer. This is the only way, which can protect and be responsive towards creating local employment. Heritage is an integral part of India, focussing upon the social-cultural diversities within communities, customs etc. We need storytellers and heritage walk leader in the form of India City Walks to build on the legend and carry forward.

Manoj Joshi

Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship, Director, Centre for VUCA Studies, Amity University

Dr. Manoj Joshi is a Ph.D., Fellow Institution of Engineers, Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship, Director, Centre for VUCA Studies, Amity University, with 27+ years of experience in industry & research. He has authored 40+ articles, co-authored two books “The VUCA Company”, “The VUCA Learner” and is also on the Editorial Board of several international refereed Journals.  

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