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These Indian Startups Allow You To Recreate During Office Hours From Jägerbombs, beers, pizzas, PS3 to guitars and free food canteens - these startups are raising standards of office cultures

By Rustam Singh

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Ah, sleep – the second favorite thing to do apart from gorging down delicious food. It cuddles you down no matter where you are how important of a task you're doing or refuses to reach out to you when you want it to. If you get too much sleep, you might die early and be lethargic and suffer a variety of health problems, but if you sleep too little, you might still die early and suffer just about the same health problems. To complicate things even more, apparently science is still divided on reaching an exact number that everyone needs, but the closest we've got is basically saying "as much as that makes you feel refreshed", because it varies from person to person. Add the stresses of a post-modern world, our diets of excessive fats, sugars, caffeine and other stimulants, indoor lighting, hormones and additives in our food, the constant rat race of life, persistent digital connectivity and so many other factors, our sleep isn't as fulfilling and undistributed as it should be. The result for businesses is visibly obvious – tired, grumpy, unresponsive employees become liabilities rather than assets to any organization.

Merely expecting employees to sleep on time and lead an ideal life isn't practical. Working hours are extending every year, and adding the spirit-breaking commute and the fact that most employees lead independent lives away from families in metro cities means they've got to manage a load of personal problems as well. Since time travel isn't possible yet, this means employees will obviously cut down hours from their sleep. Luckily, some brilliant CEOs and bosses understand this, and are also aware of the fact that short naps actually leave employees more energized and creative to produce more productivity. Three hours struggling in the peak of post-lunch sleepiness on a hot summer day on your work desk will produce much less result than someone who's officially allowed thirty minutes of a nap time.

Here are four Indian start-ups that officially allow employees to work as free souls and not timed prisoners working a shift:

The office fridge is always stocked with beer!

India's first e-invoicing technology provider, Spider-G claims to have a practical and lenient working schedule and atmosphere. Employees are told to leave whenever their work is done and aren't expecting anymore, not being tied down to the clock pointlessly pretending to be busy. In fact, on days when there is no commitment apart from regular work, employees can leave early or not come to office and work from home instead. Their office fridge is allegedly always stocked with beer! Read more about them by clicking here.

Introduction ceremony with Jägerbombs

Crowdfire, a startup based in Navi Mumbai that helps you log and manage your Twitter and Instagram followers redefines office formals culture with its casual approach. New Members are welcomed to the workspace with a round of Jägermeister in their "Welcome Ceremony". The kitchen and fridge are always stacked with food- healthy and junk, drinks- juice, smoothies, and, you guessed it, more alcohol!

Free Food!

CouponDunia's official website also proclaims "Freedom of Clothing: No restrictions on how to dress. We care more about the product, and less about a potential fashion faux pas." There's also a whole corner dedicated to tons of free munchies, apart from monthly team lunches/dinners. Apart from Monday morning breakfasts, sometimes there's a surprise chaat party, football Fridays and team outings. There is also zero hierarchy - if an employee has an idea it can be shared with the manager or even the CEO directly.

Beer Fridays & PS3 during working hours

Believing in making the office feel like a second home, Idyllic Software allegedly provides an environment of stress free relaxation, full of beers and Playstation 3 gaming. Employees also get to chose the machine of their choice, have zero managers to get rid of typical red-tapism and can work on their goals directly. The office culture hones entrepreneurial skills and encourage employees to work on diseases to create companies of their own. Still, if that doesn't click with you, they have a zero notice day period so you're not stuck deciding whether you want to stay or leave.

Read more about these startups and other cool office environments by clicking here.

How's your office culture like? Does it allow official breaks to relax, recreate or even take a nap? Let us know in the comments on our official Facebook page Entrepreneur India

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