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5 Quirky Office Spaces That Make Yours' Look Like Prison Stuck in a 9-5 job in a cubicle where no one even knows your name? We explore top 5 office spaces and cultures that make creative employees feel creative too

By Rustam Singh

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If you're one of the millions of Indians that work in a soulless job scratching a tally system of hours left on your desk until you're free, you're not alone. Unfortunately, many (read: almost every) corporate businesses seem to be misguided in their belief that a formal work atmosphere or office culture promotes efficiency. The truth is, if employees want to work out a creative profession with the zest and energy required to produce new artistic works every single day, their work space and environment should also be a reflection of the same.

In this context, startups, especially those started by young entrepreneurs have taken the high road in promoting an atmosphere that reflects their works. Here are 5 office spaces that'll surely leave most employees craving to work longer shifts:

Office space that spells fashion

Post-modern art galore (Image credit: Twitter/Param Aggarwal)

The redecorated office in Bangalore of Myntra shouts of exquisite fashion as soon as one enters the premises. Swings have replaced chairs in the creative brainstorming room, fashion magazine inspired decor on the second floor and entire rooms inspired by famous brands and designers on the third floor are among the highlights. The Good Look Cafe includes wrought iron chairs and park benches, to add to the raw look of the place. There's also a wall with imbedded mannequin legs adorning some stunning heels, to feminize the environment.

Rustic meets modern

Set up in the cool part of town, Housing.com imbedded the external location of their office in Hauz Khas Village surrounded by a lake and a rundown fort, into the final design. Adorned in polished wooden floor work and chocolatey brown wooden benches, the roof and generous use of glass adds a rustic as well as a modern look to the ambience. The design studio resembles a typical Hauz Khas Village's lounge, instead of a traditional office space.

Pink Floyd meets the Beatles

(Image credit : Twitter/Paytm)

The office of Paytm in the industrial part of NCR, in Noida resembles a typical office from the outside, but one look at the office decals tells a different story. Painted with all revolutionary hippie, entrepreneur and subtle psychedelic references, the walls inspire quotes like "We are valued for speed and speed only" and "God Big or Go Home". Pink Floyd, John Lennon and Steve Jobs are some of many silhouettes that adore the walls under the distinct wooden roof design.

Colourful work space

When the munchies attack! (Image credit: www.Quora.com)

Crowdfire, a startup based in Navi Mumbai that helps you log and manage your Twitter and Instagram followers is redefining an office formals culture with its casual approach. Collogues address each other by their CounterStrike player names, people take funny photos of each other and use it as memes on WhatsApp groups and employees prefer to hang out with their colleagues on weekends despite spending a good part of the week with them. Flexible working hours, a colorful working space, and MacBooks distributed on the joining day are just some of the perks. New Members are welcomed to the workspace with a round of Jägermeister in their "Welcome Ceremony". The kitchen and fridge are always stacked with food- healthy and junk, drinks- juice, smoothies, and, you guessed it, more alcohol!

An ice breaking session minus the ice (Image credit: www.Quora.com)

Free Food!

Even the official website makes it clear, "Freedom of Clothing: No restrictions on how to dress. We care more about the product, and less about a potential fashion faux pas." There's also a whole corner dedicated to tons of free munchies, apart from monthly team lunches/dinners. Apart from Monday morning breakfasts, sometimes there's a surprise chaat party, football Fridays and team outings. There is also zero hierarchy - if an employee has an idea it can be shared with the manager or even the CEO directly. With most of the employees in their twenties, office environment never feels dull.Office space has synthetic grass on its floor, raw brick painted textures and a café like interior. The interior is that of a bachelor pad more than an office, complete with a gaming system and a well stocked kitchen.

Source : www.Quora.com

Food attack (image credit : www.Quora.com)

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