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Why Pattern-Based Recognition Cannot Drive A Successful Entrepreneur In order to survive and grow in the market, businesses need to adopt a proactive and practical approach that has sufficient room for welcoming yet another change

By Prateek N. Kumar

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Science explains pattern-based recognition as a classification of data based on already existing information, extracted from patterns with the help of machine-oriented algorithms. Pressing terms in the definition are "already' and "existing', as they boast stagnation. A successful entrepreneur consistently aims at moving ahead and cannot afford to remain stuck at a specific point for a long time span. With each new dawn, the modern world witnesses transitions with regard to trends, consumer preferences, competitor strategies and several other facets. In order to survive and grow in the market, businesses need to adopt a proactive and practical approach that has sufficient room for welcoming yet another change.

Here are some key avenues that will assist a business owner curb the negative impact of pattern-based recognition, and thereby emerge successful in the long haul.

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Say no to a one-dimensional approach

A single dimensional orientation implies going on a loop with an activity, which has yielded maximum results. A structured method of tackling various issues might make things seem organized, whilst giving results. However, one needs to keep in mind that every situation that an organization is faced by cannot be combatted in the same manner. Entrepreneurs need to have an eye for detail and the bandwidth to treat each occurrence as an individual entity. It is always good to learn from the past and use existing knowledge, but one should prevent solely relying on the same.

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Dynamic business environment

Everything in and around a business' periphery, which directly or indirectly affects its functioning becomes a part of its environment. Entrepreneurs need to come to terms with the dynamic nature of this environment, and the fact that "change is the only constant'. The eminent future simply promises a transformative shift, making it harder to predict market orientations. Enterprise owners need to step outside set patterns and alter their existing plans depending upon changing trends and disruptions around them. An evolving approach can benefit organizations and help them flourish in every aspect.


Consumer is that king, who always wants more and has a soft corner for newer ideas and products. If an entrepreneur wishes to thrive and succeed, he needs to focus on consistent innovation over stagnation and mere improvisation. Further, one needs to understand that ideas can come from anywhere in the organization, and therefore, there needs to be a free flow of information with open communication channels. Employees should be motivated to share knowledge and innovate, and a constant effort should be made towards offering something new to gain a much-needed competitive edge.

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Leverage available data

With technological advancements, complex data sets can be analyzed to obtain greater business intelligence and statistical information. This data can be used to improve the customer experience, products and services, logistics, customer segmentation, pricing, customer retention, inventory management and several others. However, entrepreneurs need to ensure that the data doesn't get soiled, to enjoy the benefits of advanced analytics. Further, it needs to be noted that information does not stay valuable for a long time span, which makes it more important for businesses to optimize it by drawing useful matter from the same. Additionally, entrepreneurs should always have a thirst for collecting new data for future reference.

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Flexibility and agility

It is of great essence for enterprises and entrepreneurs to have a plan ready in order to achieve their goals. However, these plans should not be stringent plans, and room should be made for modifications arising within the dynamic business environment. Flexibility helps maximise the outcome, minimising losses. Further, agility is a much-needed virtue in the recent times, wherein opportunity presents itself each day, and entrepreneurs with the hunger to leverage each of them have a greater chance at reaching the pinnacle of success.

Prateek N. Kumar

MD &CEO, NeoNiche Integrated Solutions Pvt Ltd & Member of Ascent Foundation

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