5 Apps That Entrepreneurs Totally Love As an entrepreneur's phone, your device should reflect what you believe in: productivity

By Shivang Saxena

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You've just come up with a new phone but it is just as good as a telephone with no apps in it. So what apps can make your phone a productive gadget? The app store is filled with millions of apps. Each minute we find a new app being launched. You surely can't check out each and every app by downloading them.

As an entrepreneur's phone, your device should reflect what you believe in: productivity. As we spend hours on phones, it becomes vital for us to have only the best of apps on our gadgets. Take a look at these apps used and recommended by some powerful entrepreneurs.

Bumble Redefining Socialising

Bumble enjoys the reputation as a woman led entrepreneurial venture. With entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe Herd becoming world's youngest self-made billionaire, the company enjoys spotlight among startups and businesses. Not only Whitney's net worth, but her rank among socialites also soared. Names like Priyanka Chopra Jonas joined the venture as advertiser and investor. Bumble is a dating app that has become popular rapidly among all age groups. App describes itself as a "feminist dating app'. The app puts women at the center of conversation and matches. The women driven app lets women decide when to begin the conversation. With a few simple swipes, users can meet like-minded people who might interest them. App comes up with voice and video calling both. Covid19 has already boosted its popularity among netizens. The app requires a user's status with badges like "socially distanced', "masked' etc. What gives the app an edge is its beyond dating approach. One can make friends and professional associations as well. The app has a web version available for users. Bumble boasts of 42 million monthly active users and 2.4 million of them were paying members. The virtual dating world is only to witness a boom with apps like Bumble in play.

Glitch-ify Your Gallery

Glitch lab app is a photo editing app yet it is not your regular photo editor. It comes in with loads of "glitchy' effects that make your pictures look cool. App is liked by entrepreneurial giants such as Kylie Jenner. If you want your pictures to look retro or cool, then Glitch is just the right app for you. There are over 100 effects that come in with the app. Most of them being customisable, you can have a unique editing platform for your pictures. The app gives its users the power to be in control. The simplicity and multiple effects attracts users from all niches.

Everything You Read In Your Pocket

Pocket is an app that excels with its offline reading service. It is not just a bookmarking service but also lets you finish your articles and then archive or delete it. With millions of monthly users, you can trust the app to be safe. The app is available in iOS, Android, Mac and more. It even has a web interface that can be found on Chrome, Firefox or any other browser. Use this app as an easy bookmarking system where you can organise and tag to have a tidy read it later list. With the "read it later' list, you can even read posts that are erased from the internet. App wants its users to have a smooth reading experience and have a clear track of links that are being saved. As soon as you save links, they can be viewed as a list or grid.

Rebecca Seal, who has been a known food tv presenter and entrepreneurial author uses the app to keep pace with the growing world. The app offers varied blog posts that are present in an ad free interface. The experience remains consistent withs smooth reading.

Say Hello To Trello

Trello is an app that proves to be an easy tool for helping team members collaborate and work together on projects. The work can be allocated and you can figure out who's working on what. But don't mistake the app to be useful for just work. You can do almost anything on the app. Be it developing software or even wedding planning. You can even make up a whole vacation plan. You can even track job applications at your company. Trello allows one to make a list of lists with people. Organising your day becomes easy and smooth with Trello. All sorts of to-dos can be filled out. Unlike other apps, Trello helps you keep tasks into lists and have a precise view of your whole day. Ross Rojek is CTO of GoLocalApps and prefers the app for the various boards it could set up. Plus you can also use the app to block your time and move on to tasks with labels. Make your day more productive by breaking it into sections in the app. Personal and professional efficiency can be easily increased with the Trello app.

Becoming Student With Udemy Again

Udemy is an app loved by all budding students. In today's fast changing world, learning a new skill becomes pertinent. Udemy lets you acquire skills with its 1 lakh plus video courses. Udemy's expert instructors deliver these courses in over 65 languages. And mind you, these courses aren't limited to academics. You can learn photography, coding, game development and so much more with the Udemy app. Courses come in multiple length and depth yet they are competitively priced. There are also various free courses that can be learnt by every user. Courses include assignments, articles and various supplementary materials to help you have a richer experience. Eren Bali, an accomplished entrepreneur, emphasises how much impact a learning app like Udemy can have on budding startup owners.

Apps like these not only boost your prospect of becoming successful but also motivate you to have a professional solid base as well. Changing times can leave you behind and thus being steady with the ship of technology is highly important. Have the best experience with these apps and make your life better.

The reason why we focus on these apps is also hidden in them being underrated. The world of social media has blurred everything else present on the internet.

So improve your entrepreneurial activities today with these wonderful apps and change your area of interests today itself.

Shivang Saxena

Freelance writer

Shivang Saxena is a New Delhi-based writer-entrepreneur. Reading, writing & entrepreneur-ing always. He's the founder of The Words Vibe. A platform for newbie writers to hone their skills. He's also working with his first book called, "Too Many Thoughts, Too Many People" which is due to get published by end of 2021. 

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