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How PR is Intersecting with AI AI will help PR companies to process this data to identify the behavioral patterns of consumers

By Safaque Kagdi Afzal

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a new technology yet when in discussions, folks generally invoke job fears or blank stares. Majority of the people have heard about AI but the very few know that unknowingly it has entered the systems. Chatbots answering trivial customer-care questions, Amazon suggesting "things to buy', Uber giving accurate ride time estimates and rates is all AI. So, what exactly is artificial intelligence?

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is not giant robots or world-governing machines with intelligence beyond that of a human; AI is basically the development of programs and computer systems to automate tasks with minor interference by an individual. With the availability of an incredible amount of data, AI is the power that will help bipedal tame it. It is gradually transforming every industry, even the Public Relations industry.

AI mechanics in the PR industry

Organizations in the West are using PR tools such as Muck Rack to target specific journalists, BlogDash to reach out to bloggers and influencers, Trendkite to measure PR metrics and detailed reporting etc. It is time we, in India, embrace the technology and let gears take over.

Every PR professional, at some point in their career, must have loathed the mundane tasks including making media lists, arranging meetings and sending follow-ups emails. Creating annual PR reports commonly take days and days curating data, summarizing information, doing analysis and so on and so forth.

The overview of artificial intelligence in PR has actually been a revolution and is poised to help the PR industry. Not only will it be a helping hand in managing routines tasks but also take care of the tedious and complex ones such as:

  • Recommending the next move in a crisis situation

  • Analyzing data and writing ensuing stories

  • Transcribing and translating

  • Monitoring digital media

  • Predicting industry and media trends

Today, PR companies sit on tons of consumer data and rather fail to make the most of it. AI in PR will help PR companies to process this data to identify the behavioural patterns of consumers. With insights on consumer behaviour, they can suggest to their clients to deliver more targeted messages. The world is riding on customization and brands are adopting occupational advancements to provide tailor-made products and services.

Further, PR professionals design and execute fruitful PR campaigns but nose-dive when it comes to presenting the results to their clients. With AI, turning spreadsheets into logical infographic will be a click away. A key tool for understanding the outcome of PR campaign in any report involves looking at the change in audience perception. Technological developments aid in perception analysis through digital and social media monitoring to generate a smarter and accurate report for the brand.

AI and job fears

It will not take the jobs away. AI is science and PR is art. PR professionals around the world boost their relationships with the clients and media; it is true! The personal touch will always dominate the PR industry. When the computer programs will do the mechanical work, PR employees will get more time to reinforce their media relations. AI systems do not have cognitive capabilities and are inoperable till you enter information and parameters into them.

We are at the intersection of human interaction with computer intelligence. The acumen of a man coupled with machine analytics will be a powerful tool to investigate and evaluate successful PR strategies. We have just scratched the surface of Artificial Intelligence for usage in Public Relations. It is here to augment the industry and its time to take sides.


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