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Make Tech(nology), Not a Fraud! Brands should adjust the tracking code depending on what model of attribution they use, attribution time is but one of the parameters you have to control

By Neha Kulwal

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Technology is extremely important in the digital world, especially when it comes to tracking in affiliate marketing. Knowing where your customers come from is key to optimize your campaigns are measure performance.

Nowadays we witness that brand strategists turn to affiliate networks when planning their marketing tactics. To stand along with the brands, affiliate networks are also tightening their belts to work on the ethical practices: like organizing close events and conferences for the partners or, educate partners through webinars about unexplored aspects in the affiliate marketing.

How Can Brands and Publishers Get Better ROI Through Affiliate Technology?

1. Improve Tracking:

To be a winner in tracking, brands should have a good tech team who understand attribution algorithms, and are able to set the tracking code correctly. This will make their life easy while tracing the campaigns.

Brands should adjust the tracking code depending on what model of attribution they use, attribution time is but one of the parameters you have to control.

2. Embrace New Trends and Tools:

In the digital world, we should be open to all new things coming our way. Sometimes the results may differ from the expected, but they will help us improve, adapt to the trends and strengthen our knowledge of how the tools work.

3. Prepare For Ad Blockers:

As the ad blocking algorithms get smarter, more and more publishers suffer from losing orders. High accuracy attribution is the trend. Tag tracking codes have the capacity to circumvent ad blockers, allowing correct attribution. Post-back attribution may also suffice, but it is more complicated in terms of technical requirements.

4. Merge Your Tracking of the Mobile & Website:

Users have no awareness about affiliate marketing, so sometimes they get redirected to the advertiser's app to make a purchase, which resulted in losses for affiliates. To motivate affiliates and promote your campaign you should merge tracking of website and Mobile SDK holds the solution here since it tracks both installations and all target actions within the application.

5. Cross Track is the Game Changer:

Sometimes users do not complete the purchase after clicking on the affiliate link. They go browse elsewhere – on a laptop, smartphone or tablet. They may even use other browsers. In the past such purchases could not be tracked, publishers faced loss and were discouraged. Today's algorithms allow tracking even that. Inform your publishers there is a solution for such cases. Both cross-browser & cross-device.

Takeaways for Advertisers & Publishers

Make sure your team can handle the tracking codes;

Know your attribution models and where to apply them;

Integrate new technologies to boost the business;

Use relevant ad spaces for promotions;

Keep your publishers updated.

    Neha Kulwal

    Country Manager, Admitad India

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