Neha Kulwal

Country Manager, Admitad India


Growth Strategies

During COVID, Affiliate Marketing Is Emerging As a Cost-effective Channel For Brands

Despite the evolution of marketing practices and strategies, amid the big quantum of content available online today, brands are finding it difficult to reach out to their target audiences in an effective manner

Social Media

YouTuber 2.0: Now Is the Time to Have a Deep Look at the Cost-per-Action Model

Assessing the COVID-19 crisis to prevail, and envisioning a slow return in terms of profit, there are Vloggers who have resorted to the Cost-per-Action (CPA) model, to earn revenues. Since brands have slowed-down spending on marketing budgets, the cost per action model seems to be an effective marketing channel

News and Trends

New Mediums Emerging As Dark Horses During COVID-19

In the current situation, it is imperative for advertisers and publishers to understand changes in consumer habit and make strategies accordingly


5 Digital Marketing Tips That Brands Can Use to Drive Sales

There is no right or wrong marketing technique, just ones that work well for your brand and ones that don't

Business News

Optimising the M-commerce Value Chain Through Artificial Intelligence

With mobile rapidly becoming the device of choice to access and consume services, content, and information online, brands are capitalizing on this shift by investing in mobile marketing strategies


Cashback and Coupons: The Future Growth Driver of the E-Commerce Space in India?

The benefits of affiliate marketing are not restricted to e-commerce platforms alone, online publishers also reap significant dividends by associating with top affiliate networks

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