#7 Tips For Women-Entrepreneurs in India: How to Balance Work and Personal Life in Today's Reality?

When they told us to choose between our career and family, we chose both

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By Neha Kulwal


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An age that has opened more work options to women does not excuse them from the social roles that they have sincerely undertaken for aeons. While executing professional responsibilities, women entrepreneurs today face many challenges in playing their domestic roles. Being a high-level professional as well as an efficient manager of the household can be challenging but not impossible.

The demands of home and workplace often come in conflict with the onset of motherhood. Becoming a mother is an exhilarating life experience for a lady, but this does not imply that one can forego the responsibilities of your professional life. Women entrepreneurs should not shy away from believing in their passion towards the work, which can drive their lives in a better way.

Like in any other case, punctuality and regularity are key to living a balanced professional and personal life. Thanks to today's technology-driven world, women entrepreneurs are quite efficient at integrating their work with personal life. They can easily finish a task while at home or to an extent check the goings-on of home while at work. The only thing that matters is doing whatever task you've picked up with full concentration and dedication.

Following are some tips working women entrepreneurs can use to make the best of their work without compromising on their personal life:

  • Efficient Delegation: Working mothers, with their diverse and powerful set of experiences, can contribute greatly to making their team successful at the workplace. One should know how and what work to assign to whom to keep things organized. The art of delegation allows one to work smoothly with a peaceful mind.

  • Leading with Participation: Being a top manager does not mean commanding others but making a team that can take decisions independently. Collective teamwork produces better plans and strategies rather than a pre-built decision.

  • Help With Ways to Find Solutions: If an employee comes with a problem, one's suggestions should be such that they set the ball rolling in the direction of a solution. The same must be implemented in one's personal life. In order to maintain stability, one must stop complaining and actually work towards finding a solution.

  • Some «Me» Time: Pampering oneself is great and always leads to benefit more people than one expects. A little bit of self-love leads to staying energetic and benefits those in one's workplace and home. If one cannot find time for oneself, one soon becomes overburdened, which negatively affects the quality of one's work and the interactions at home.

  • Make Time for Exercise: It's hard to fit anything into the jam-packed schedules of today but taking an hour for workouts is another requisite for working moms. If one cannot manage to work out every day, keeping time aside for gym thrice a week would be enough. Physical exercise helps boost one's energy and ability to concentrate, and also contributes to a stronger immune system.

  • Be an Enthusiastic Strategist and a Story-Teller: A working mom has to be a good strategist and a storyteller. One has to take family events just as seriously as business meetings at work. Keeping high spirits while dealing with both one's family and goes a long way in balancing both.

  • Avoiding Equivocation: Women Entrepreneurs should always work with defined goals and dedication — if they do not have their vision focused on the goals, they may not achieve them fully. Uncertainty should not stop one from having firm decisions and defined goals. One should prepare beforehand for uncertainties coming along one's way.

Finding a healthy work-life balance lies in drawing some boundaries as well as erasing some. Situations arise where one has to work and rework on the discrepancies between one's job and home. Women need to constantly adapt themselves to this ever-changing process in order to achieve perfection – something they strive for in everything they do.

Neha Kulwal

Country Manager, Admitad India

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