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Here's Why You in India Should Care About The Tesla Model 3 From auto pilot mode to super charging and app controlled suspension adjustment, the future of electric cars is here

By Rustam Singh

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Genius inventor Elon Musk recently announced his most anticipated completely electric road vehicle, the Tesla Model 3. Unlike previous Tesla models, this automobile is intended to provide a comparatively affordable (yet completely unimaginable for the average middle class consumer) to other luxury cars into the segment. Even though electric cars are fascinating stuff, they are nothing new in the world today. Then how did Tesla become arguably the most anticipated electric car ever in the history of cars?

Here are the top ten features you need to know about Tesla series cars:


Ever heard someone complain what you would do if you finished the electric charge on your car in the middle of nowhere without a charge? Worry no more. Tesla Model 3 comes with the company claimed range of 320 KM. This is definitely more than you'd travel on an average daily use. Even if you want to go adventurous and travel long distance, the supercharger can be carried along and be charged from almost any electric station of a gas station's regular electrical outlet within the time it takes to eat a meal.


Electric cars carry a reputation (thanks to big petroleum giants) that they're a lot slower without enough power to push a fully loaded car uphill or cruise through city's empty roads. The model 3 claims to accelerate 0-100KMph in less than 6 seconds. And that's on the slowest model – you can choose a faster model too.

Auto Pilot that actually works

The Model 3 will have the next-generation autopilot mode, which is exactly what it sounds like. You can, in theory and as the company claims in practice as well leave your hands off the steering wheel and let the auto drive take over. It can also park automatically and you can feel like batman summoning your car to yourself without a driver – using just an app on your phone. Completely tested and ready to use!

It's literally the safest automobile for consumer usage

There is no engine. No gurgling sounds. No liquids flowing through the machine and no major lubes or replacements that has to be occurred frequently. You're not sitting on top of a tank of flammable fuel with an engine burning it hoping the fire doesn't get out of control and burn you alive, like a regular car. The front is an empty space where you can store your luggage – no engine visible at all!

Extremely noob friendly

There are no questionable looking knobs and switches and manual controls to distract you. There's just a giant iPad looking touch screen thing in the front to control everything your AC to the sunroof, indicators to even the suspension of your vehicle. An app tracks and controls your vehicle, even giving you the luxury of warming or cooling it before you enter. And since it's electric nobody in the parking lot will hear its own, and can be switched on in a parked garage without emitted toxic gases either.

The best the environment can ever have

There is no exhaust on the Tesla that emits any gas that needs processing it's literally just water vapor, if any. You can start in indoors, in a closed garage without having to worry about any carbon monoxide posing. Your carbon footprint is reduced and overall emissions are brought down drastically. What next? You can purchase a solar charging panel along with it recommended for this purpose specifically and charge your car overnight from the sun. Ignoring maintenance costs, this means you can drive virtually for free.


The cost is company claimed to be 35,000$ - which is around 23,18,048 rupees. Sure 23 lacs is a ridiculously large price even for an alleged cheap vehicle – but remember it's competing against the Audis and the BMWs of the sports luxury vehicles genre. The costs over time and the luxury of driving a space age vehicle would also make it worth it.

The future is now!

How excited are you about Tesla Model 3? If the price factor reaches to the range of an average consumer, would you consider buying an electric car? Let us know in the comments on our official Facebook page Entrepreneur India

Rustam Singh

Sub-Editor- Entrepreneur.com

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