How to Integrate Machine Learning in Mobile App Development?

Machine learning can be conjoined with different recognition types for passing the user identification and authentication

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Ever felt frustrated on the minor changes that the clients bring post launch? Ever pondered if a mobile app would be smart enough to understand its users need and alter themselves likewise. Well, for developers, it would be like a dream come true. Well, not a dream anymore!!! because it's real.

With AI and machine learning, now the apps can modify themselves according to the users' requirement without accessing any permanent control over it. Well, if you are one of the top mobile app development companies, you can attract a plethora of intuitive users and improvise your connection with the old ones. The entire sales and marketing world is revamped with the advent of machine learning.

The basic question is how does machine learning actually work? The algorithm of machine learning will assist the mobile app in analyzing the humongous information set. This includes visual, text, biometric and audio to conclude which is the most suitable one to the user. After analyzing the user behavior and routine activities, mobile app can track and predict the frequent user actions and change itself accordingly.

How to use machine learning in mobile application development?

Machine learning in mobile apps is a troubleshooter and can enhance the user experience and take it to a whole another level. Here are some of the ways you can integrate it in your app and make it smart and future ready.

1. Make Your User Feel Privileged with Customization

The prime intent of Machine Learning is to make app usage convenient and give a personal touch to each users. Well, you might have experienced it with some apps like friends suggestion on Facebook and video recommendation on YouTube. Having this personalized suggestion for users have certain benefits.

  • Users wil not abandon the app when they get luring and relevant content just as per their interests.
  • Users wil get a personalized touch and feel like app is communicating with them.
  • Adding an individuaized advertisement is also an integral chunk of customization. Chances of making a deal will hike up through this.

2.Easy and Agile Search Process

Trending apps are intelligent enough to accumulate the entire customer data, analyze it and diverge it in a way to generate profit. The only add on you need at the spot is the machine learning. This will entail you with a vast number of tools to avail your clients with most suitable information. Features like spell correct, rank addition, voice search, suggestions, related request and search process for users will be flexible and less problematic.

3. Hike in Sales with E-commerce Apps

E-commerce app development is the sector that can attain the most benefit out of machine learning. Users download the e-commerce app to make their shopping experience convenient and fast. So, why don't you assist them? Users are for sure going to adore it. The data of past year show that 53% of the users have shopped online. 62% of these shopped through mobile phones.

4. Authentication Process Rapid and Safe

Machine learning can be conjoined with different recognition types for passing the user identification and authentication. This is actually a commendable decision for any kind of mobile app including e-commerce apps. The integration of machine learning can be a great aid for the apps like BioID and Zoom. Logging into websites and other apps will be really easy. People are not really that hardworking to memorize logins and typing the entire password. So, why not to make this eased up for them with machine learning?

Pratik Kanada

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