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Why You Should Have the AI Mindset to Grow Digital Marketing in a Big Way AI powered content magically creates content based on previous purchases and specific interests

By Lohith Amruthappa

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Technology in the past decade has made huge inroads helping marketers to reach the audience with the right message. Credit in this reagard goes to the tools, which have made great leaps and strides in managing day to day activities.

In late 2010, IBM introduced Watson: a supercomputer and the first-of-its-kind AI powered analytical computer system that can understand native language. Since then tech behemoths like Google and Facebook have started to invest in artificial intelligence in a big way. You have probably heard about these companies implementing AI tech to eliminate repetitive tasks in general and deliver superior customer experience in particular.

Now adoption of Artificial Intelligence is catching on in digital marketing also since it plays an instrumental role in enabling data-driven decisions. Deep learning can predict user journey from the start to finish of your complex sales funnel. If you want to grow your digital marketing in 2018, follow these AI trends:

AI for Relevant Programmatic Ad Buying.

Ad Transparency. C-Level executives are sensing an urgent need to bring in ad transparency while measuring the key performance index with ad agencies and platforms. AI helps to finds the fraud clicks and also attributes true ad views through anomaly detection technology

Mapping the cookies: When a stack of technologies used in programmatic buying: data management platforms, supply side platform, demand side platforms, ad server and networks; mapping the right cookies becomes challenging. The machine learning helps in centralizing the data from various platforms and gives real time KPI insights. In result it helps to bid the right cookies. Now companies can optimize banner advertisement cost and reduce the trial and test model.

Genius AI Tracks Email Recipient's Behavior

Thanks to SAAS industry to drive behavior based email marketing culture in the companies. B2B organizations and ecommerce companies have joined in the same bus enabling drip email marketing process.

AI ask questions via emails based on customer behavior. With the help of machine learning AI uses a specific algorithm model scores to predict which subject lines lead to better open rate. With AI approach, emails are now more human-like and workflow charts changes more dynamically.

Business Development Team Now Closing More Sales than Ever.

The CRM giant, Salesforce has figured a way to automatically summarize a long form of email, news content into blurbs to improve business development workforce productivity. Now with improved text summarization capabilities, sales team can focus more on sales.

In yet another invention, Microsoft has developed a decision making algorithm to schedule and reschedule meeting. This AI tech finds free time of sales rep and sends invite to a prospect for meeting.

What is making AI so Special in Content Creation?

The use of machine level technology in content creation from media house is already underway. AI writes mundane business stories in minutes. Stories like quarterly earnings reports won't need a creative story telling. What it needs is few templates and let AI extract the financial numbers. This way AI does the monotonous job of reporter.

Furthermore, AI is solving a big problem for e-commerce companies. Freelancers and dedicated in-house team content writers need to write the product description on everyday basis. The deep learning technology uses a bundle of templates and successfully turns every product description unique.

Content creation is just one part of the benefit. Now AI can act as content discovery engine and content curator. AI powered content magically creates content based on previous purchases and specific interests. It helps to create contextual content plus turns the statistical data into infographics.

AI for Better Search Results

An early advocate of AI, Google is no more relying on the usage of keywords to determine the relevance of the content. The leading internet search engine uses language model to identify the natural language. With the latest technology, Google can classify the content as gibberish and can demote the pages.

It is RankBrain that first gained traction in 2015. By combining hummingbird and page rank algorithm, Google's RankBrain sort the webpages for specific kind of search queries. These days, machine level AI understands the relationship of words to show relevant websites in the search result page. No more keyword stuffing.

Embrace AI to Improve Customer Experience

We are living in the word of Chatbots. Interestingly, Facebook is trying to have lengthy conversation with the users. We can expect Chatbots to start generating ideas based on previous conversations. The self-aware learning has got off the ground. As a matter of fact, many E-commerce companies using AI recommend the right products. For example, when user uploads the image, the image recognition algorithms present look alike products.

Come 2018, AI will be more than just a buzzword. Artificial intelligence has become more critical than ever to a CMO and his/ her team.

Lohith Amruthappa

SEO Manager, BankBazaar, Singapore

Lohith Amruthappa is SEO manager for fintech startup BankBazaar, Singapore. He is an avid follower of behavioural economics and Neuromarketing, leadership and content marketing.

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