The Future is SaaS - How Edtech Solutions Can Tap The Unemployment Crisis in India

With SaaS, you not only get to achieve access to a pan India talent pool but also create an effective pattern for the future of job recruitment

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Every country has a strength that should be played to their advantage to squeeze the maximum potential, and India has its vast youth population. They are our potential workforce, the future of job creation. But there's a clear gap between the fresh recruits and the unemployed youth. While it would be easy to point a finger at our education system, the problem seems to also lie in the fact that a large percentage of skilled labour is unable to seek the right avenues to find jobs, and employers claim to be facing the same problem when it comes down to finding skilled labour.

Government data indicates a fivefold increase in the number of students that graduate from universities annually in comparison to the students placed, which poses a threat to the overall development of the country. Although there are promising schemes and initiatives, there is an overall error in the way we are approaching this problem. India is in dire need of human-intensive services which are capable of employing a larger chunk of the workforce.

While the aforementioned is not exactly impossible, it is tricky, as credibility is the missing puzzle piece. A SaaS platform ensures that data is kept secure and the talent pool is credible. It acts as the gateway for universities to access the best of the best. This, coupled with the fact that the exposure to skilled labour on a SaaS platform spans distance assures diversification in the recruitment process.

Clear Thought Process Comes With SaaS

Finding the "right fit" for a job has always been a dilemma most employers face as they're either looking at a small sample size of people to be cost-effective, which eventually leads to them employing a chunk of people from the same university, leading to clashes or cliques, or they end up with a very long list of resumes that they don't have the time or patience or look through in detail.

Finding the right candidate is easier said than done. The company has to have a well strategized recruiting strategy put in place, which is an expensive process. In addition to this, they must be fiscally sound to visit a large number of universities which is a logistical roadblock, considering that the number of universities in India runs slightly higher than 37,000 all over the country.

Instead of following the aforementioned, outsourcing this process to a SaaS platform saves a lot of time, and effort without compromising on the quality of the candidates. The customizability of the software poses an advantage to the employer, as they can create their own metric to filter candidates on the platform, tailor-made to suit optimal results.

Interviewing With SaaS

It can also facilitate multiple interview rounds, categorizing the filtered candidates by percentage of compatibility and level assessment decisions, resulting in an efficient interviewing process. Considering that it is an automated filtering process ensures that it maintains objectivity in the selection process, thereby eliminating human bias.

An Inclusive Approach

A gender-inclusive and diverse workforce is essential for employees as it indirectly influences the reputation of the company, leading to increased profits and greater outcomes. Fair employment practices in any company, attract a wider pool of interested applicants.


SaaS platforms can optimize results by a considerable margin with the help of the Applicant tracking system which eliminates confusion. The power of artificial intelligence manifests itself by creating a digital memory over time of the patterns in candidates being selected for different jobs and making suggestions accordingly, which makes the recruiter's job much easier.

Recruitment With SaaS

Availing SaaS tools to provide effective recruiting practices not only reduces bias and improves learning outcomes, but it can lead companies to their right candidate at the right time and help the fresh hiring talent pool get the opportunities they deserve, bettering the quality of the workforce. With SaaS, you not only get to achieve access to a pan India talent pool but also create an effective pattern for the future of job recruitment.