Fastforward 2023


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The Future Of The Indian D2C Industry

Living the ultimate D2C dream, things are only going to get more convenient for us in the years to come.

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Future Of Agritech 2023: Technology and AI Enhancing Agri Value Chain

From enhancing the adoption of sustainable cultivation practices to improving crop quality, agritech in 2023 aims to remove roadblocks in the agri value chain and reduce wastage

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The New Phase Of Hiring: Trends We Can Expect In 2023

The future of work is on a completely different trajectory than it used to be during the past decades, and recruitment is one of the primary business functions that have to match this trajectory for businesses to thrive

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The HR Technology Landscape Is Evolving: Trends To Look For In 2023

Many organizations are joining the bandwagon of adopting cutting-edge technology to match the pace with the evolving HR trends


Top Four Data Analytics And AI Trends That Will Drive Businesses In 2023

As we enter yet another year of brilliant technological possibilities, businesses will make decisions where rapid scaling and shortening the journey from data to outcomes will take centerstage

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The Fintech Space Will Continue To Drive Inclusivity Through Innovation

Fintech has acted as a great leveller and a veritable driver of inclusive development across finance, consumer, as well as personal finance businesses


Changing the 'Game'

The gaming sector has shown massive growth potential. It has become an integral part of the Web3 revolution as well

Growth Strategies

Have a Robust Business? Don't Worry About Funding Winter In 2023

If you have a business with the right characteristics, the going will be good for you

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Real Estate Market To See Robust Growth In 2023

Real estate is a viable alternative due to the persistent fragility of financial assets other than the stock market


The Emerging Cybersecurity Trends In 2023

The sophistication of the technology employed by threat actors has increased along with the number of threats.


Future Of Edtech Start-ups Will Be Powered By a New Wave Of Innovations

The space is poised to become a $30-billion industry in the next 10 years supporting and complementing the conventional classroom teaching formats


What's Trending In 2023: Web3

A report by CoinTelegraph suggests that India is home to over 450 Web3 startups of which four are unicorn companies. The Indian Web3.0 ecosystem has clocked $1.3 billion in funding in April of 2022

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5 Key Trends That Will Drive the Growth of India's Last Mile Logistics Industry in 2023

The future growth of every successful brand depends on how it shapes its last-mile delivery based on the key trends


How Is Technology Revolutionising the Fitness Industry In India?

Despite the pandemic being one of the key causes of this unanticipated increase in health-conscious people, other elements profoundly influenced India's fitness industry

News and Trends

Trends That Would Shape Conversational AI's Landscape In 2023

AI is now paving the way for adding different disruptive technologies to its cognitive capabilities