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Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse: 3 Important Qualities Of The Superhero

We aren't attempting to be preachy here, but here are three qualities we can imbibe from Spiderman and learn from him as businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Social Media

Peeping Behind The Influencer Marketing Agency Curtain

It's no state secret that influencers are the new celebrities. What started off on YouTube and Facebook, spilled over to Instagram and other social media platforms, creating the new age celebrities.


Veteran Producer Vashu Bhagnani Forays Into Animation With DB Films And Animation

With the formation of DB Films and Animation, veteran producer Vashu Bhagnani aims to create top-class entertainment content for families across the world, focusing on animation, edutainment, production, distribution, digital media exploitation, licensing and merchandising, gaming, AR/VR and other emerging technologies.

News and Trends

Shilpa Shetty Kundra Invests In Omni-Channel 'Farm-To-Fork' Start-up 'KisanKonnect'

A staunch believer in fitness and good health, Shilpa has been propagating the thought of a healthy body and mind throughout.


Karan Johar's 51st Birthday: 6 Ventures The Director Earns From

Today marks Karan Johar's 51st birthday, which means all the A listers and glitterati of Bollywood shall be assembling somewhere posh and exclusive for his celebrations tonight.

News and Trends

The OTT Battle: The Audience Is The Winner With Competition Increasing

It's an exciting time in the OTT space.

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