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Trends That Would Shape Conversational AI's Landscape In 2023 AI is now paving the way for adding different disruptive technologies to its cognitive capabilities

By Shashank Pandey

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has undoubtedly advanced rapidly and transformed our lives altogether. Whether it is the voice assistants listening to our commands or the chatbots resolving our queries, conversational AI has become a commonplace feature, making a significant difference in how we live and work. It has emerged to be the most user-friendly technology from being just a trend.

Trends shaping the landscape of conversational AI in 2023

Today, businesses leverage the power of conversational AI all the more to engage with their customers and provide them with high-end experiences. Around 90 per cent of companies have reported faster customer query resolution using such solutions.

As we are almost nearing the end of this year, let's have a look at trends and predictions expected to shape conversational AI's landscape in 2023.

Contextual understanding

The wide-scale improvement of NLP and NLG will soon enable chatbots to comprehend discussions better and hold entire dialogues with customers. As a result, the simple question-answer process will now be transformed. And chatbots will advance to the extent that they will understand the issue in a better manner. Eventually, chatbots will be efficient in multitasking, and conversational AI will become conversational in the truest sense. Soon, there will be a day when we will be commanding chatbots to clear our calendars, check our schedules, or even book cabs for our commute.

Sentiment analysis

Enhancing user experiences through conversational AI will continue to be the top priority of businesses. However, the coming year will witness a drastic transformation as chatbots become sophisticated. The challenge will be to keep all the sophistication under a simple and familiar interface. They will be equipped with human-life skills, and their role will now extend beyond simply delivering instant responses. They will aim to offer exceptional, personalized customer service and experiences.

Personalised content and data in education

Aligned with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision of improving student learning outcomes through data-driven reforms, conversational AI is being leveraged to capture data from schools, generate smart analytics and further use it to improve learning experiences. This way, students will have access to high-quality adaptive content and tailored classroom instruction.

Additionally, chatbots are being used for improving oral reading fluency, language comprehension process, doubt resolution, and assessment management for students. Furthermore, teaching assistant chatbots now facilitate evidence-driven pedagogy in classrooms. There are also training assistant bots for training teachers and admins, helping them to perform their jobs effectively.

Integral voice assistants

Voice-enabled chatbots have grown in popularity and they will now be an integral part of our lives with smartphones, smart televisions, and Bluetooth speakers being the necessities in today's digital world. With voice commerce and search gaining popularity, voice assistance will also gain momentum. It is expected that the number of voice assistants used by consumers globally will surge to 8 billion by 2023.

Internal workflow streamlining

Conversational AI in the form of chatbots and voice assistants will be at the core of providing tailormade experiences. However, differentiated chatbots catering to specific business needs and functions will gain prominence. For instance, an HR bot will be available for simplifying hiring activities, ensuring employee onboarding, etc., a sales and marketing bot for handling prospective customers' queries or a content search bot for searching data and offering personalized recommendations, etc., will also be devised and adopted by businesses to streamline internal workflows.

Connected devices

In 2023, we will have more connected devices with conversational AI and IoT. Together, they will unlock more opportunities for innovation, productivity, efficiency, and competitive advantages in the future. AI technologies such as face and voice recognition, conversational AI, virtual assistants, etc., will accelerate the decision-making processes, whether for smart homes, cars, or offices.

To sum up

With technological advancements, AI has transformed significantly. It is now paving the way for adding different disruptive technologies to its cognitive capabilities. Conversational AI is one instance of the same. The global conversational AI market is projected to grow at a 23.6 per cent CAGR from 2022 to 2030. In the wake of rising demand, availability of AI-powered solutions, and ease of omnichannel deployment, the market will proliferate and seems to have a progressive future.

Shashank Pandey

Co-founder, ConveGenius & SwiftChat

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