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Disrupting Supply Chain With Blockchain

KoineArth enables on-demand creation of multi-company business groups


New-age social networking and active interactions with Leher

Listen to what Leher app founder Vikas Malpani has to say about changing social networking requirements and their vision for the future


A New-age of on-demand meat delivery - Team MEATIGO believes in prompt technology-driven doorstep deliveries

Here's what Siddhant N Wangdi, Founder & CEO of Meatigo has to say about their approach in extending modern solutions in the everyday sphere


GimBooks' Cloud-based Bookkeeping - Can the shift to digital accounting and business activities be for good?

Have we reached that era where accounting and business document management can be completely digital? Computers and easy use of software like Excel have made digital storage of business and account-related information popular in the last decade.But, auto-managing this data, real-time tracking, ready integrations with bank, and much more can be accessed today. GimBooks makes all these possible at one-stop and here's Founder & CEO, Yash Raj Agrawal's take on what the platform offers


Rise of "regional" in the OTT space - Stage has made a unique impact on regional culture, dialect, and entertainment

The past few years with OTT platforms have been a predominance of a certain genre of content that has been synonymous with the west. It turns out that "people don't want to watch regional" has never been the case at all


This Startup Has Championed The Lessons From The Pandemic In Reimagining The Event Industry

Today, Hubilo is a recognized platform for high-end virtual corporate events and trade shows, having hosted more than a million attendees without the all too common screen fatigue


This Startup Provides A Winning Combination Of AI And Skilled Recruiters

The company aims to solve issues and roadblocks that arise at every touchpoint across the employee lifecycle


The Community E-commerce Gets A Lot More Seamless

Dusminute-powered communities have claimed to have successfully developed a hyperlocal ecosystem where all essential products and services are available within the comfort of their premises