World Environment Day

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Five Sustainable Practices Adopted By Electric Vehicle Industry

Electric vehicles are inherently more eco-friendly than their fossil fuel counterparts, as they produce zero tailpipe emissions.

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Alleviating the Impending Water Scarcity Through Sustainable Water Resource Management

While individuals are affected by the disappearing wetland lakes, the wildlife, too, needs to be protected from the depletion of water bodies, accentuated by climatic changes and alterations to habitat like deforestation

Growth Strategies

How Start-Ups are Promoting an Eco-friendly Tomorrow With a Paperless Work Culture

If an e-gift voucher platform sells 10 million vouchers in a year and one tree is used to make 10,000 physical vouchers, it is equivalent to saving 1,000 trees if they go digital

Starting a Business

A Happy Coincidence That Led This Entrepreneur Take a Step towards Compostable Packaging

Launched in 2017, CHUK provides 100per cent compostable packaging and tableware

Growth Strategies

Adopt Smarter and Energy-efficient Appliances to Create a Sustainable Environment

At an individual level, we can follow simple yet effective steps to save energy

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How can Corporations Contribute in Saving Environment

On the World Environment Day, Entrepreneur India interacted with a few companies that are rolling their environment-friendly business models to bring an evolution in the business community on how much environment is necessary to have big money