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How can Corporations Contribute in Saving Environment On the World Environment Day, Entrepreneur India interacted with a few companies that are rolling their environment-friendly business models to bring an evolution in the business community on how much environment is necessary to have big money

By Komal Nathani

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Almost every company has a section of social responsibility or sustainable businesses clinched on its websites filled with commitments of reductions in waste, emissions and use of plastic. But hardly any of them share the concrete stories which actually reflect some potential change at the ground level. These days the sections on CSR have become merely a fashion trend than a regular doer activity.

As much as the digital show for social causes has increased on social media, businesses have adopted an easy way out to show what good they are doing for the society.

Whether we take an example of Vedanta Inc, which has stolen the front page headlines in newspapers with its Sterlite copper plant case or we talk about the 2003 case of Coca-Cola where the company was stuck amid environmental litigations. All what corporates care about is profits and higher revenues.

On the World Environment Day, Entrepreneur India interacted with a few companies that are rolling their environment-friendly business models to bring an evolution in the business community on how much environment is necessary to have big money.

Aim for a Pollution-free Environment

Amid the skyrocketing prices of fuel and rising levels of pollution, the idea of electric vehicles is the emerging trend in the automotive sector. With an aim to reduce pollution levels in the urban commutation, Twenty Two Motors is aiming to transform electric vehicles with the advanced technology. Sharing a brief about company Parveen Kharb, Co-Founder, Twenty Two Motors said, "Our main focus is on developing advanced connected electric vehicles and change the urban commutation landscape by providing robust smart vehicles to the technology savvy generation."

He added that from product design to its usage, the company's motive is to save environment and conserve energy, which is why they use very low discharge rate lithium ion batteries so when even the vehicle is idle, the battery consumption is limited.

Talking about the need of involving environment-friendly approach in businesses world over, he said, "If you implement eco-friendly policies and activities whether carbon footprint reduction or energy conservation, it ultimately drives us to get success in the long term. It ultimately results into successful sustainable businesses."

Stand for Eco-friendly Working Spaces

While we work, do we care about the waste we have around us? This coworking space is on a crusade to bring change the way offices work. ABL Workspaces supports the sharing of space, supplies and other resources, thereby cutting down on basic wastefulness. In a chat with Entrepreneur India, Akshita Gupta, Co-founder of ABL Workspaces told, "The idea of having working spaces in close proximity to the metro was to provide an opportunity to commute in public transport rather than travelling privately."

They follows a set of strict guidelines to follow by the companies. They have natural lighting, so until 5 in the evening lights don't need to be switched on. Otherwise low energy LEDs light the space, and the walls have been painted with non-toxic paints.

Green coworking makes sense for coworkers both from a business perspective and from an environmental perspective.

In an advice to other companies, Gupta said, "Going green can stimulate innovation by forcing you to evaluate every aspect of your business and identify new, more efficient means of production."

Dispensing Clean Water Through ATMs

To solve the problems of scarcity of water in India, Swajal is easing the water availability in every part of India. In the last five years, the company has installed over 400+ water ATMs in almost 14 states of India which face arsenic and fluoride contamination. Swajal's water vending machines use solar power to process the system, and are 80 per cent cheaper than an RO system or water cooler in India, claimed company. While giving the brief about the company's environment-friendly business idea, Advait Kumar, Co-founder Swajal said, "Our vision is to provide affordable, accessible and reliable clean drinking water to everyone."

Talking about why is there a dire need to stand for eco-friendly economy, Kumar said, "Apart from warm-glow giving economic incentive a sound business needs to be environmental friendly to be able to withstand future needs. For example, electricity cost continue to increase and an environmental friendly approach to conserving energy can be a very strong economic incentive."

Komal Nathani

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