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Example of Personal Trainer Business Ideas There continues to be a high demand for results driven dynamic exercise activities. Before you launch your own personal trainer business see what innovative strategies these ten businesses are currently implementing in this industry.

By Nicole Crampton

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There is a growing number of people looking for an interesting way to get their daily/weekly dose of exercise in. You can provide this innovative personal trainer business idea to capture their interest and continue to engage them.

Before you launch, it's always beneficial to find out what your competition are up to. Here are 10 personal trainer business ideas and examples of successfully operating businesses:

1. Aerobic Centre

Aerobic fitness classes are very popular. You can create a centre where you can hold multiple classes at the same time. To help you see what an operational business is offering, here is an example of a successful aerobic centre you can learn from before you launch:

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Business Name: Figurine Fitness


Established Date: 1987

About the business:

Figurine Fitness offer aerobics classes driven by music and rhythm using a combination of Bolly-Aerobics, Zumba, Bokwa & Dance Aerobics with infusions or STEPS, Pilates, Tae-bo, Kick Boxing and Power Yoga.

Innovative business offering

Figurine Fitness offers aerobic classes in all of their locations in Bangalore, but they also go on location for their corporate clients. They offer a fully equipped gymnasium to cater to a larger target market.

Their trainers also have the experience and skills to assist patrons in rehabilitation of various injuries and ailments.

2. Online Personal Trainer

Online personal training is in high demand because it enables the client to workout from anywhere and when it suits them. Before you launch your own online personal training business, consider how this company did it:

Business Name: TAM Fitness


Established Date: 2016

About the business:

TAM Fitness offers an online personal training service, which enables their clients to get their workout when it's convenient for them and from anywhere in the world. Through this service customers can find customised online training plans and instructional videos.

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Customers are also able to record their progress and track stats and workouts to help with improving fitness levels and performance.

Innovative business offering

Even though TAM Fitness has an online offering, they also have a mobile unit, which caters to all fitness levels. Their experienced trainers will train clients in the privacy and convenience of their own homes.

This allows TAM Fitness to connect with a large group of clients who find gymnasiums intimidating and confusing.

3. Ballroom and Latin American Dance Teacher

Do you love to dance? You could teach Ballroom and Latin American Dancing to help clients increase their fitness levels while doing a social and fun activity. Here is an example of a service you can learn from before you dive into the market:

Business Name: Phoenix Dance Company


Established Date: 2012

About the business:

Phoenix Dance Company focuses on Latin American and Ballroom Dancing. They offer lessons for everyone at various levels of experience. They offer one-on-one private dance lessons, group dance classes, choreography and lessons for wedding dances and matric/school dances.

Innovative business offering

Phoenix Dance Company have developed close ties with National and International casting directors, dance agents and event organisers and can assist students to perform on popular television shows, in international adverts and theatre productions, as well as global sporting events and corporate functions.

4. Children's Fitness

There is a growing demand from parents to keep their children active and healthy. If you have experience with children and love the idea of helping them to stay fit in a fun and educational way, this might be the personal trainer business idea for you.

Business Name: Happy Feet Fitness


Established Date: 2007

About the business:

Happy Feet Fitness offers a large variety of physical activities and musically-themed adventure classes to ensure that children are engaged and enjoying the exercise classes.

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They also offer their classes to a variety of age groups with interactive themes, educational content and experiences to support child development.

Innovative business offering

Happy Feet Fitness teaches children about being healthy and good nutrition, including which foods build the body and nourish the mind to help them learn.

They are also taught how to develop a healthy balance between nutritional food and exercise, knowledge which they can take with them as they grow.

5. Corporate Fitness

Numerous companies are offering their staff opportunities to exercise either before, during or after work to keep them healthy and happy. If this sounds like a potential personal trainer business idea you're interested in, here is an operating business you can learn a few lessons from:

Business Name: Corporate Fitness Works


Established Date: 2015

About the business:

Corporate Fitness Works prides themselves on being a one-stop-shop for wellness and fitness solutions. They offer fitness centre management, wellness programming, facility design and equipment procurement services and consulting services.

Innovative business offering

Corporate Fitness Works designs their classes so they can be effortlessly scaled to thousands of people. They have designed, equipped and managed large facilities within a corporate partner's property.

6. Dance Studio

If you enjoy all types of dancing, you can open this fun and active personal trainer business idea. You don't need to be a dancer, in fact, you just need to be able to market the business, manage the space and the various dance teachers to ensure this business becomes a success.

Business Name: Five6Seven8


Established Date: 2011

About the business:

Five6Seven8 offers 19 different styles of dance from 21 instructors, including Hip Hop, Contemporary, Burlesque, Ballet, Modern, Tap, Zumba Fitness, Afrobeat, Acro, Bollywood and Latin and Ballroom.

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They offer 70 group classes and have more than 60 events happening on a regular basis. They focus on dancers of all ages, with and without dancing experience.

Innovative business offering

Five6Seven8 not only offers an extensive range of different types of dancing but also many and frequent events, which allows their customers to practise what they've learnt and socialise with other dancers.

7. Dietitian / Diet Planner

If you have a dietary or nutritional qualification you can start this personal trainer business idea. You can help clients with healthy eating plans for their specific situations. Before you get started, you can learn from the operational business below:

Business Name: Daily Dietitian


Established Date:

About the business:

Daily Dietitian offers custom diet plans for their customers. They create a blend of tasty food with healthy ingredients. They also offer medical meals created to nutritionally support those suffering from disease.

Innovative business offering

Besides offering their clients dietary plans, they also have a Food2Go option, which enables clients to receive their specific dietary meals from their certified chefs.

All meals are sugar, trans fat and preservative free, and formulated to ensure optimal nutrition. Daily Dietitian aim to keep their customers healthy and freeing up their time, by creating signature meals for them.

8. Yoga Instructor

If you enjoy Yoga and want to train others, you'll need to undergo training to become an instructor. Once you're an instructor you can conduct private or group classes from people's homes, your own venue or even from a park in your area. Find out how this yoga instructor practice is conducting their business:

Business Name: The Yoga Republic


Established Date: 2007

About the business:

The Yoga Republic is situated in an eco-friendly building and offers a wide variety of yoga styles for their clients to try out, including: Air, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Forrest, Hot Power, Bikram, Kundalini, Power Vinyasa, Restorative, Satyananda and Yin.

Innovative business offering

Despite having an extensive offering of yoga disciplines, The Yoga Republic also has a Green Heart Café that offers healthy, organic take-away meals that customers can collect after classes.

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They also offer a Green Heart Health Shop, filled with yoga products and clothing, healthy snacks, supplements and even eco-friendly household cleaning products. They also offer a Green Heart Swimming School for children between the ages of 2-6.

9. Fitness Clothing and Equipment Seller

Are you a fitness fanatic, but you also like to design clothes? You can now launch your own fitness clothing and equipment brand. Before you get started on this manufacturing business idea, first have a look at a successful operating business and see what they're doing:

Business Name: Push Fitness Apparel


Established Date: 2013

About the business:

Push Fitness Apparel offers functional fitness clothing and believes that functional clothing doesn't have to be boring. They offer stylish, comfortable and supportive workout gear.

They also ensure all of their products are made in South Africa and that their entire supply chain is sustainable and provides ethical and fair working conditions.

Innovative business offering

Push Fitness Apparel enables their clients to design their own functional fitness clothing, from material, to cut, to message. This allows their customers to have personalised and customised one-of-a-kind clothing.

10. Exercise Videos

If you want to work in the fitness industry but want to reach a wider audience than doing classes in person will reach, you can launch your own exercise videos. Before you get started, here is a business that successfully navigated this personal training business idea:

Business Name: Grokker


About the business:

Grokker founder Lorna Borenstein saw the need for a flexible wellness programme that her clients could access from anywhere. This exercise video business offers fitness and yoga videos that range from newcomers to advanced students.

Innovative business offering

To ensure their customers are receiving a wholistic fitness experience, Grokker also offers cooking videos for those looking to improve their diet as well as mind videos to improve stress levels and relieve anxiety.

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