Nicole Crampton

Nicole Crampton

Entrepreneur Staff
Sales Enablement - Content Developer

Nicole Crampton is an SEO specialist who contributes to She has studied a BA Journalism at Monash South Africa and has continued her studies with a Creative Writing degree from UNISA. Nicole has completed several courses in writing and online marketing, and continues to hone her skills and expertise in digital media, digital marketing and content creation.


300 Examples Of Business Ideas To Help You Start A Successful Business

Are you looking for a business idea? But you want to make sure it's profitable first? You can learn from these 300 businesses to ensure your start-up launches on the right foot.

Examples of Writing Business Ideas

Are you an experienced writer? Would you rather work for yourself doing what you love? You can start one of these writing business ideas.

10 Examples of Businesses That Could Inspire Your Next Business Idea

Not every idea fits into a category, so if you're looking for a business idea, here are 10 examples of businesses you can learn from.

Examples of Drone Business Ideas

Do you want to start a drone business? Here are 10 drone business ideas and examples of actual businesses you can gain insights from.

Examples of Design Business Ideas

Before you launch your own design business idea, you'll first need to see what others are doing in the industry and gain some ideas and insights into how to make your design business competitive.

Examples of Clothing Business Ideas

If you're a good seamstress, enjoy fixing clothing or have an eye for fabric, you could start a clothing business idea. Here are ten examples to help you launch your clothing business.

Examples of Cannabis-related Business Ideas

If you want to get involved in the growing cannabis-related industry here are some businesses that can offer you insights.

Example of Childcare Business Ideas

You can use the operational businesses below to help you start your own childcare business idea and give you a head start.

Examples of Vegan Business Ideas

Are you passionate about veganism? You could start your own vegan business. Here are 10 examples of vegan business ideas you can learn from.

Examples of Transportation Business Ideas

If you enjoy helping people get from A to B or delivering their goods, one of these could be the transport business idea for you. Before you get started here are some insights to ensure your business is competitive.

Example of Tourism Business Ideas

Do you love showing travellers the unique and interesting aspects of South Africa? Tourism could be the industry for you. Before you get started here are some lessons from current businesses you can incorporate into your start-up.

Examples of Social Media Business Ideas

Are you an expert when it comes to multiple social media channels? These could be the business ideas for you. Before you get going, you'll first need to see what others are doing to ensure you can keep up.

Examples of Sharing Economy Business Ideas

If becoming part of the sharing economy interests you, here are ten examples of sharing economy business ideas you can learn from.

Examples of Rooibos Business Ideas

The Rooibos plant has many beneficial properties, which means you can mix it into almost anything. Check out our list below and find your unique Rooibos business idea.

Examples of Retail Business Ideas

Do you want to run a retail operation? Ensure you know what to expect when launching one of these 10 examples of retail businesses.

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