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3 Ways to Create a Dopamine-Inducing Offer If you optimize your offer to take advantage of your prospect's natural brain chemistry, you'll see better results and happier customers. Here's how to craft an offer that will cause your prospect's brain to release dopamine.

By Ben Buckwalter

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Hendra Su | Getty Images

Have you ever released an offer into the world that you put your heart and soul into? An offer that made you giddy, such that you were waiting for the dollar bills to flood your bank account and your DMs to overflow on social media, only to get no response?

If you've been in business for a while, this has likely happened to you. It's happened to every entrepreneur I know at least once. This disappointment happens because entrepreneurs set out to create offers focused on solving a problem for their prospects with such a high level of value that the offer seems like a no-brainer.

Funnily enough, not considering your prospect's brain and how it works can be the exact thing turning your "OMG YES!" solution into an indistinguishable "No thanks, I'll pass" offer. Prospects often see their problem and your solutions differently than you do. Creating your offer with the exact pieces that will help your audience feel the value according to their brain chemistry can help set you up for greater success.

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