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Marketable Skills You Learned From Your Personal Story Our life experiences produce transferrable skills we can use in any business scenario.

By Shereese Floyd Edited by Frances Dodds

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Oscar Wong | Getty Images

In the age of the influencer and instant expert, there is a lot of competition in the entrepreneur space. It can leave one feeling unqualified and susceptible to imposter syndrome. In a build-your-own-dream economy, the totality of one's experiences are relevant beyond formally (or otherwise) trained skill sets or previous career choices.

Even as entrepreneurs come up against uncharted territory while finding unique ways to deal with the ongoing pandemic, the trick is to not be intimidated by the context of the know-how and look for transferable skills one already possesses.

Before giving in to the feeling of being unseasoned, take a look at your life and your everyday experiences to uncover some marketable and bankable skills you can take to any boardroom or new endeavor.

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