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Should Entrepreneurs Write a Book to Become More Influential? Founders often think they need to write a book to propel their personal brand -- but does it really make sense?

By Adam Bornstein

This story appears in the January 2018 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Federico Gastaldi

There's a lot of pressure on entrepreneurs to be not just great business owners but also great business minds. Writing a book seems like a logical path to influencer status. But is it?

Q: As an entrepreneur, is it important to write a book and become an influencer in order to take my business to the next level? -- Pete, Australia

Pete, let me clear the air and admit a few biases: I've written five books, including a New York Times best-seller. I've ghostwritten three other best-sellers, and my consulting company has marketed two books that both hit number one on the New York Times list. Books are my business, so I see how it'd be easy to expect me to recommend that route.

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