Adam Bornstein

Founder of Pen Name Consulting

Adam Bornstein is the founder of Pen Name Consulting, a marketing and branding agency; a New York Times best-selling author; and the creator of the two12 event.



Esta es la razón por la que deberías de robarte el estilo de liderazgo de alguien más

Para convertirte en el mejor líder posible, debes de comenzar por ser una versión de los líderes que más admiras.


Here's Why You Should Steal Someone Else's Leadership Style

To become the best leader you can be, you must start by being a version of the leaders you most admire.


¿Cómo le haces para seguir aprendiendo cuando eres el jefe?

Resulta útil crear una "junta" oficial de asesores con los que puedas consultar y sentirte menos solo.


How Do You Keep Learning When You're the Boss?

It's be helpful to create an unofficial "board" of advisors who you can consult with, and feel less alone.

Resumes & Interviewing

Can't Afford to Hire Great Talent? No Problem — Do This Instead

From more vacation days to less meetings, there are lots of non-financial perks companies can offer to star candidates.

Growing a Business

Worried About a Recession? Do This to Prepare Your Company.

As the economy shifts, ask yourself these four questions.

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