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6 Surprising Psychological Tricks the Best Advertisements Use Research shows there are universally effective strategies in advertisments. Here's one that uses a bunch of them.

By Thomas McKinlay Edited by Frances Dodds

This story appears in the November 2023 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Be honest: Is this the best ad you ever saw? It better be, because it it was made using all the latest science on what makes people buy your product!

Alright fine — it's not actually the best ad you ever saw because we just made it up. Real ads spend lots of money on things other than what's here (like a brand name, strategic colors and fonts, high-quality photos, pithy copy and everything else that makes an ad look and sound appealing). Nevertheless, this made-up ad does illustrate six tactics that research has shown are highly effective at getting people to buy whatever you're selling. Read on to find out what they are.

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