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To Succeed, Just Follow This Six-Step Plan Stuck trying to figure out what's next? Just start moving.

By Jason Feifer

This story appears in the April 2019 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Nigel Parry

You are six steps away from your goal. So am I. So is everyone.

And I mean it! Regardless of our circumstances, career paths, or past accomplishments, we are all six steps away. But here's the kicker: We can never see more than one step ahead.

This is a little mental trick I came up with recently as a way to help a friend of mine. He's stuck in his career, working a job he hates but unsure of what to do next. "How do I know what direction to move in?" he asked me. Should it be music, which is his first love? Or tech, which he's interested in? Or content production, which he's developed a knack for?

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