What Is a 'Dry Promotion' — and Has It Happened to You? Employees in This Specific Group May Be the Most Likely Victims.

The phenomenon is becoming more prevalent as companies grapple with tighter budgets.


These Are the 'Loneliest' Jobs in the U.S., According to a New Report

Remote work isn't necessarily the root cause.

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Symbiosis For Success: Bridging The Youth-Organization Gap In The Arab World

A fundamental reassessment is imperative within the current employment system to align with the rapid evolution of the global job market.

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How Small Businesses Can Still Create Jobs Despite Inflation and Rising Interest Rates

I've worked closely with small businesses for more than 10 years — here's how they can power through this tough economy and create jobs in the process.


C'A'n 'I' Replace Your Jobs?

Humans have moved from steam engines to manufacturing industries to the Internet. In the age of machine intelligence, employees are plagued by a common concern: How will AI impact my job? Though tech-heavy industries are likely to be more affected than other workers, there are ample amount of opportunities that would be created

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'It's Soul-Crushing': Tearful Gen Z Rant About Commuting, In-Office Work Divides Internet

The video by @brielleybelly123 has been viewed more than eight million times.

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Employers Are Shrinking Salary Ranges on Job Postings After Pay Disclosures Backfire, According to a New Report

Small to medium-sized companies are readjusting their numbers to reset candidate expectations.


Are Job Titles Losing Their Meaning? How Job-Title Inflation Could Damage Your Future Career.

When a job title is upgraded without raising the associated responsibilities and requirements, this is called job title inflation.

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This Career Hack Is Helping Gen Zers Increase Their Salaries By $50,000

A new survey of 1,000 full-time U.S. workers aged 18-40 found that 80% of job hoppers saw salary increases in the past five years, with 20% experiencing increases of $50,000 or more.

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This Job Earns 6 Figures and Is Projected to Grow 6% in the Next Decade — And No, It's Not in Tech

Marketing managers are among the highest-growing careers in the U.S., with some freelancers charging enviable hourly rates.

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These Are the 10 U.S. States With the Happiest (And Unhappiest) Employees, According to a New Report

A recent report found that employees in Alaska are the happiest in the country.


You Don't Need a College Degree for These 10 In-Demand Jobs That Can Pay More Than 6 Figures

Americans are rethinking the traditional college route as major companies like Apple and IBM drop degree requirements.