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AI Could Eliminate Millions of Jobs By 2027, but Cognitive Skills Are Increasingly Important for Employers

A new report by the World Economic Forum found that nearly 2% of current roles could disappear by 2027.

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This Industry Has $1 Trillion in Funding But Can't Find Any Workers

The construction industry has faced an urgent labor shortage in recent years.

Resumes & Interviewing

Increase your Odds of Landing a Job with these 9 Tips from an Executive Search Professional

Competition for talent is tougher than ever. These tips for outreach, increasing visibility and how to best network may help you land your next role.

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There Are a Ton of New Jobs In Energy. Are You Qualified to Fill Them?

A new study forecasts that 100,000 opportunities are there for the taking, but companies are having difficulty finding talent.


The Secret to Succeeding at Your New Job Isn't What You Think

It's easy to sacrifice your freedom and work-life balance in your first 90 days to make a good impression. However, setting boundaries from the get-go will ensure longevity and success at your new company.


Ask Yourself These 5 Questions to Find (or Create) a Job You Love

Don't wait for the job you love. Learn how to identify and create the job you love.

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Cyclical Unemployment: Causes, Examples and More

Unemployment comes in many forms. Follow along for the definition, causes, and examples of cyclical unemployment.

Science & Technology

The Hot Tech Market is Finally Cooling Off. Or is it?

Companies outside of big tech are scooping up tech talent to develop their tech infrastructures.

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These Are the 10 Fastest-Growing Jobs in the U.S. — and Many Pay More Than $100,000 a Year

The U.S. is on track to add 8.4 million new jobs by 2031, per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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4 In 5 Professionals In India Are Looking For a New Job In 2023: LinkedIn

The data further showed that the hiring levels in India were 23% slower in December 2022 as compared to December 2021

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Structural Unemployment: Causes, Examples and More

Unemployment comes in various forms. Follow along for the definition, causes, and examples of structural unemployment.

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The 'Best Job' of 2023 Pays $120,000. What Is It?

U.S. News & World Report released its annual rankings— and there were some surprises.

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You're More Likely to Get Laid Off If You Work in One of These Industries, Study Finds

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these 10 industries have the highest rates of layoffs.

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Oscar Mayer Is Hiring 'Hotdoggers' to Drive Its Wienermobile. But the Salary Could Repel Even the Most Hot Dog Obsessed Applicants

The hot dog brand is looking for 12 people to travel around the country in a 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels.

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What the Future Looks Like for Fresh Graduates in the Tech Industry

The dreams of fresh graduates hoping to work with tech giants like Amazon, Google, Hp, Microsoft and others may now seem over-ambitious.