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Why Your Startup Needs Data Science

An expert weighs in on its importance when building a company.

Why Accountancy Jobs Will Never Lose Steam

Accounting is indispensable to trade, commerce and even the government.

Want to Continue Your Career Post Retirement? Read On

Retirement may sound like an exciting transition to some, there are those who are not particularly fond of the fact that the working phase of their life comes to an end just because they have aged

Saumyajit Roy

Your Next Career Connection Might Come From a Dating App

Linkedin and Bizzabo remain popular, but more job seekers are turning to other social-networking apps.

Chris Porteous

5 reasons how AI will change careers and working set-ups

Artificial intelligence has brought a tremendous change in the job sector and will be a major factor in changing the workspace

Akshra Dalal

That Cute Job Listing Might Be a Threat to Your Business

Why entrepreneurs should prize accurate over clever when it's time to hire.

John Shunk

Why Gig is Rocking the World?

People are kicking full-time jobs and embracing gig because they hate being handcuffed by office rules or spending fixed hours in glass enclosures

Vineet Arya

How is Gig Economy Transforming the Workforce?

Organizations are adjusting well by utilizing specialists, gig workers and an on-request workforce

Rachit Mathur

5 'E's that Indian Engineers will need by 2020

An insight into the skillsets an Indian engineer needs to have to be a part of the new-age workforce

Ayush Jaiswal

What Do Indians Believe About the Future of Work in an Era of New Technologies

Indians are some of the most optimistic people across the world concerning technology, according to WEFreport

7 Blockchain-Related Job Opportunities to Watch for In 2020

The scalable technology is poised to achieve mainstream adoption.

Ejiofor Francis

India's Leather Industry Holds Key to Generate Employment for the Youth. Here's how

The industry is expected to grow to $9 billion by 2020 and generate additional 2 million jobs

Vinayak Sharma