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Giorgi Tsutskiridze of HawX, a visionary leader, navigates the global success of CRM solutions and beyond

By Gvantsa Butikashvili

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The ever-evolving landscape of online business gives companies excellent opportunities to offer comprehensive solutions and deliver outstanding service to demanding customers. Effectively managing customer relations, products and finances is a prerequisite for a successful business, and HawX does just that, with a personalized approach and creative touch.

Since 2020, HawX has been delivering international CRM solutions, swiftly carving its niche by offering an innovative suite of services that ensure seamless operations and guarantee significant Key Performance Indicator (KPI) boosts for their clients.

With a global footprint spanning three offices worldwide and operations on five continents, HawX already facilitates the growth and success of its business partners in over 40 countries.

It has positioned itself as a reliable and innovative company, delivering services across seven domains: CRM and Design Solutions, Website Operations, Sportsbook Risk Management, Fraud Management, Product Management, and Financial Advisory solutions. The company's mission is to revolutionize customer engagement through excellent customer service and outstanding solutions for their businesses.

In an interview with Entrepreneur, Giorgi Tsutskiridze, the dynamic Founder and CEO of HawX, delves into the making of the company, its achievements, future goals, and the strategies that propel its success.

Giorgi is a visionary and a driving force behind HawX, who not only wears the hat of the chief commercial officer at SPRIBE, but who also leads the development of another startup named Eruditu. His approach and dedication to all that he envisions are remarkable, making him a leader who guides businesses into a future where innovation meets customer service excellence.

Giorgi tells us that the company was founded and managed at the outset by young, motivated professionals eager to grow and develop the business. However, it was having a substantial network of people in the industry that rocketed it to success.

"One of the reasons for our rapid growth was the fact that I have a fairly large network of valuable contacts around the world, which I have accumulated during the various stages of my career in international companies and from my years at Harvard Business School," says Giorgi.

The company provides seven significant services that boost online business performance - the latest CRM, products, and financial and other types of management solutions for businesses that guarantee they will see significant KPI increases.

"It was vital for our growth that the cooperation with our first partner was successful. With a small team, we dramatically and quickly increased the number of customers for our client. This was followed by several other successful projects that gave us the opportunity to show tangible results and further expand our circle of business partners. Today, we are a company operating in over 40 countries, providing services to the most substantial companies in the world, and have undoubtedly achieved excellent results," he states.

HawX keeps its momentum going by participating in international conferences and exhibitions, interacting with customers, and keeping its name and services relevant to the fast-changing industry.

"Investing in Research & Development and constantly working on developing and redesigning the services is a prerequisite for retaining existing clients and exciting projects, as well as attracting new ones," says the CEO. "We value our clients, who come to us time and again seeking to cooperate, and we have learned that customer satisfaction is directly proportional to the company's success."

HawX envisions its operations expanding to more countries and regions in the coming years. The company wants to establish itself firmly in the international arena and benefit from all opportunities that arise with the experiences and expertise that comes with operating in different countries.

Giorgi shared with us his desire and readiness to add more people to the team, open new offices, and offer services in as many countries as possible.

"We focus on the international market, as working globally allows us to learn more and grow faster. Besides, working in the international market is more interesting," he says. "In the modern world, where technology has erased physical boundaries, allowing people to work and collaborate from anywhere in the world, why should we limit ourselves to just one market and not go beyond the boundaries of one country? That's why we focused on foreign markets from the very get-go, and decided to use our resources differently. We did not make any specific proposals to the Georgian market; even though Georgia is a small country, there are still some industry giants we would like to work with in the future."

Being the chief commercial officer of SPRIBE, Giorgi ensured that the company's ultimate focus is on innovative iGaming products and casino games, which are currently in demand.

Founded in 2018, SPRIBE soon changed the iGaming industry by introducing a new vertical game - Crash / Arcade games. The company is best known for its flagship game, "Aviator," which gained popularity among Millennials and Gen Z. Recently, it reached a milestone of 10 million monthly players. SPRIBE is following the latest trends in online gambling, and the company's management is excited about the future prospects.

Another exciting project Giorgi is working on is Eruditu a development-oriented educational platform that implements innovative methods, connecting academic experts to eager learners. Giorgi believes that with the help of Eruditu, anyone has the opportunity to acquire skills, in demand, without leaving home, at one's own pace and preference.

"With Eruditu, we just wanted to create a platform as convenient as possible, where anyone could learn and afford quality education," Giorgi says.

CEO Giorgi Tsutskiridze reflects on HawX's rapid growth, attributing it to a robust network and successful partnerships. Beyond its success, Giorgi's involvement in SPRIBE's iGaming products and Eruditu, an educational platform, exemplifies a visionary leader's approach to business. Still, for budding entrepreneurs, he has a piece of very specific advice to help them get ahead of others: "To be a successful entrepreneur, you need the ability to plan ahead. Use your overarching goals to set realistic milestones for your company's growth and development. In addition, taking risks at the right time is one of the crucial prerequisites for success," he says.

Gvantsa has over ten years of experience working with multinational teams in the finance industry. Enthusiastic about efficiency and sustainability within the company and in everyday life. She is passionate about writing, mostly about finance and luxury.
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