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Meet Robert Nikic - The World's #1 Dropshipping Marketer: How He Leads The Title

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So many of today's most successful entrepreneurs claim that they got where they are because of hard work, but in reality, most of them come from well-to-do families that had serious advantages in life. Many people believe that Robert Nikic, CEO of Why Unified, and, one of 2023's rising stars in the entrepreneurial world, is no different. Thousands of people claim that he must have had money and privilege to enjoy such a high level of success.

While this is certainly true for some celebrity entrepreneurs, that isn't Robert Nikic's story. His tale is truly inspiring, and it serves as proof that good ideas, dedication, and willingness to work can lead to success beyond your wildest dreams.

Robert Nikic's Background

Robert Nikic was born in the nation formerly known as Yugoslavia. During his childhood years, the Baltic War led his family - his mother, father, grandmother, and brother - to flee to America as immigrants. They had very little, so they brought very little with them. In fact, each family member brought one solitary suitcase filled with clothes and other necessities. There was very little money, so instead of getting a secondary education, Robert immediately went to work.

He might be a millionaire driving a bright orange Lamborghini and charging dinner to his American Express Centurion Black card as of 2023, but Robert Nikic had a rough start in life. His first jobs were in restaurants and hotels, where he worked menial jobs for very little pay. What he didn't have in money, he made up for in dedication and willingness to give 110% in everything he did. His employers were impressed, so he worked his way up through the ranks. His income increased when he started working as a server in a fancy restaurant, and it increased again when he was promoted to front desk manager for a luxurious resort.

Things were getting better for Rober Nikic, but he was a long way from being a millionaire. He was just another blue-collar American working 10, 12, and sometimes 18 hours a day for weeks at a time trying to get by.

The Road to Riches

Aside from his dedication and work ethic, Robert was exceptionally curious. Rather than taking things at face value, Robert was eager to get to the bottom of how things worked for himself. His parents would find him taking his toys apart as a child, and then as he got a little older, it wasn't uncommon to find him dismantling a broken television to figure out what caused it to stop working. This knack for discovering what made appliances tick would eventually lead to Robert's undeniable success.

During his time working in resorts and hotels, Robert Nikic was fortunate enough to meet hundreds of successful people. From entrepreneurs who had disrupted or even initiated entire industries to businesspeople carrying on their family legacies on Wall Street, he listened in on conversations and asked questions when he didn't understand. Robert learned a great deal about business, entrepreneurship, and even capitalism from the people he met every day on the job, and just as he would take apart televisions, toys, and toasters, he started to take apart entire industries to see what made them tick.

Robert & the Internet

Robert's entire life changed the day he saved enough of his income to purchase himself a computer. He set it up in his room, connected it to the internet, and spent virtually all of his time off work researching and building websites from scratch. Eventually, thanks to some conversations he had with resort patrons, he decided to try his hand at dropshipping. It was a simple concept, and it would allow Robert Nikic to earn an income as a business owner without actually stocking inventory or fulfilling orders himself.

He spent weeks online trying to build a store that would succeed, but when he saw the tools and options available to him, he was disheartened. Suppliers were located in China, tools were difficult to implement and use, and huge online retailers like Amazon were taking the internet by storm. Despite this, he built his store and started looking for ways to compete. He tried a wide range of paid plugins and platforms, but none of them made dropshipping easier. In fact, Robert often felt as if he was paying a company for a tool that just made things more complicated.

When he finally built his store, he knew marketing would be a major challenge. If he was going to compete with the likes of Amazon, he needed a plan. Taking what he had learned from the businesspeople at the resort and from his own online research, Robert Nikic started building a marketing platform that was unlike anything the world had ever seen. In 2011, after much trial and error with his own store, he perfected his platform and launched it to the world as Why Unified - a marketing platform as a service that would forever change dropshipping as we know it.

The Complete Package

Why Unified grew in popularity with every passing year. No longer were dropshippers required to have marketing degrees or spend thousands of dollars in paid ads to get visits; the marketing experts at Why Unified used proprietary tools and processes to boost visitor counts and sales - and it worked quickly, too.

Due to Why Unified's success, Robert Nikic wanted to make his platform even better, so he focused on building a complete dropshipping solution that could be used in any industry. Year after year, new features were built and perfected. Robert reached out to suppliers across the US in hopes of securing wholesale prices for products located inside the borders, and he even contacted wholesalers who dealt in brand names in an effort to widen the options that were available to dropshippers.

In 2018, Why Unified was re-launched as a complete dropshipping platform. It offered four different subscription tiers to suit individual entrepreneurs' needs, and it was the first and only platform of its kind to connect dropshippers to brand names located right here in the United States. Since then, it has continued to grow. In fact, Why Unified recently launched its Amazon dropshipping feature. This is the first time entrepreneurs have ever been allowed to dropship on Amazon without violating the ecommerce giant's tools.

Robert Nikic got rich because he committed himself to success and worked day in and day out to achieve it. He may have stepped onto American soil with nothing more than a suitcase, but today, he lives in a penthouse - with his wife and baby daughter. His success didn't require a college degree, and it certainly didn't require substantial financial backing.

Robert Nikic is a self-made millionaire who dreamed the American Dream, then made it his reality.

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