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"The key to the success of any entrepreneur is his network," — Danil Kislinskiy, founder of Go Global World, speaks regarding his career journey and business

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Danil Kislinskiy is an accomplished professional in the areas of starting businesses, investment, and implementing go-to-market strategies. He formerly worked at Philip Morris International for 8 years and later applied his experiences there to his own venture. He has facilitated the securing of more than $25 million in investments for technology startups and now runs his own thriving company, Go Global World. He shared details about his journey and the key factors that have led to his success in business.

Danil, you are known for your success as an entrepreneur and for founding a company that experienced 12-fold growth in just one year. Can you walk us through the beginnings of your career journey?

I grew up in Nizhny Tagil, located in the Urals region, and always had a desire to travel the world, particularly to the United States. In 2002, I was given the opportunity to visit the US as part of a student program "Work & Travel". Within two months, I had gained proficiency in the English language. This was a pivotal moment for me as I realized that my success was solely in my hands. The ability to communicate fluently in English opened up new doors and opportunities for me that would have otherwise remained closed.

I began my career at Philip Morris International in Yekaterinburg as a merchandiser. In this role, I constantly pushed myself to develop and acquire new skills, taking advantage of training and personal development opportunities. Later on, I was transferred from Yekaterinburg to Moscow, where my career flourished even further as an international manager working at Philip Morris' global operations headquarters in Switzerland. During my 7-8 years at the international company, I developed expertise in marketing and business management. Eventually, I left Philip Morris and went to Silicon Valley, where I pursued a Doctorate degree in Business Administration from Lincoln University. I also took an entrepreneurship course, "New Venture Creation," at Stanford University, which ultimately led me to start my own company.

Tell us about your first experience of creating a company

My first attempt at starting a company was a disappointment as it failed after just three months due to mistakes in choosing the founding team. Although it was a difficult and unpleasant experience, it taught me valuable lessons as an entrepreneur. In Silicon Valley, failure is seen as an important step towards a successful business. After the failure, I continued to launch other companies and provide advice to startups worldwide. Additionally, I also taught at various business schools, including Skolkovo Business School, where I was a part-time independent lecturer and mentor for their Executive MBA and MBA programs. I provided a unique program for launching company projects in Silicon Valley.

What have you gained as an entrepreneur from being in Silicon Valley?

Being in Silicon Valley showed me that having a strong network is crucial for the success of an entrepreneur. The Valley has its own unique values and principles of living, including the practice of one mentor helping another without expecting anything in return. People freely share their experiences and make recommendations for each other, making reputation a highly important aspect in Silicon Valley. If one loses their reputation, all doors may close. In other places, entrepreneurs may not understand why they should help each other without expecting compensation, but this practice is becoming more common in the global business community.

Now there are more than 3,000 entrepreneurs and investors in your network. How did you come up with the idea of creating Go Global World?

I founded several companies and gained experience in creating successful startups. My dream was to share this knowledge with entrepreneurs worldwide and teach them how to build an international company based on the principles of Silicon Valley. This idea led to the creation of Go Global World, which started as a community and has since evolved into a comprehensive platform. Go Global World aims to create a digital version of Silicon Valley, connecting investors, founders, and advisors from all over the world to launch and grow innovative solutions that have a global impact. We strive to ensure that access to knowledge, networking opportunities, and capital is equitable for all, regardless of their location. Through our platform, companies have the opportunity to attract substantial investments, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, by participating in our chat rooms or pitch programs.

In your view, what would you consider the key factor that has contributed to your success as an expert, mentor, and entrepreneur?

Firstly, in the irresistible persistence and desire to learn new things. As I said, in my student years I learned English in 2 months. After that, I began to study hard and tried not just to gain knowledge, but also to think about how they will be useful to me in the future. Then, when I got a job, I went through all possible trainings that were not even implied within my positions in the company.

Secondly, in curiosity. This is a quality instilled in me by my parents, led me to try new things and continually self-discover. Curiosity has always driven me to move forward, and this is very important in business. This trait has been crucial in my success as an entrepreneur, along with my experience and connections in the business world, which I have built through extensive study, practice, and networking with other startup entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors.

Did you think at the beginning of your career that you could achieve such results: help dozens of companies enter the market and raise investments?

I know that I am still at the beginning of this path. My primary goal is to make a meaningful impact on the world and leave a lasting legacy. I am driven to not only benefit myself but also others through hard work, determination, and taking calculated risks. I am confident that all of my efforts will not be in vain and have never wavered in this belief.

As a recognized expert, you frequently speak at top industry conferences and have a YouTube channel featuring over 200 expert webinars and podcasts offering practical advice for business professionals. What are your current projects?

Presently, our focus is on growing and expanding Go Global World, as well as developing an app to connect investors with startups and vice versa. Currently, statistics indicate that a startup must make 150 pitches to find a single interested investor, while investors must similarly review many options to find the right startup. Our objective goes beyond merely supporting entrepreneurs and investors; we aim to revolutionize the industry and allow talented individuals to launch successful startups and secure investment from any location globally and for investors get a funnel of most relevant projects with minimal effort in a well-organized and a transparent way.

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