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Entrepreneurial Ingenuity: METROPOL and Louvre Hotels Group: A Transformative Collaboration Elevating Batumi's Real Estate Sphere

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Unveiling a significant stride in entrepreneurial innovation, METROPOL, an eminent player in real estate development, has forged an alliance with the globally renowned French hospitality entity, Louvre Hotels Group. This collaboration breathes life into two path-breaking projects, Cube and Oval, transforming Batumi's skyline and marking the maiden entry of the esteemed 5-star hotel brand, "Royal Tulip," into the region.

Georg Schlegel, Head of the European Development Team of Louvre Hotels Group, highlighted the critical importance of this collaboration, which sets the stage for a significant breakthrough in the Caucasus region.

The Cube project, meticulously designed for high-caliber property investors, is a testament to modern elegance and practicality. It offers an array of unique features such as a conference hall, library lounge, swimming pool, terrace, and a restaurant lounge area. Contrastingly, the Oval project caters to residents who appreciate a blend of luxury and leisure, offering amenities like a wine library, cinema, swimming pool, and a serene terrace. Both projects exemplify a unique synergy of comfort and refined living.

Upon completion by the end of 2027, the Cube and Oval projects are set to welcome the world-class establishments "Royal Tulip Cube" and "Royal Tulip Oval."

METROPOL's CEO, Giorgi Mkheidze, shared insights on the impact of these projects on Batumi and Georgia's economic landscape. He highlighted METROPOL's dedication to attracting globally recognized brands, raising the bar of real estate standards, and driving economic progress.

The Cube and Oval projects are set to rewrite Batumi's real estate narrative, appealing to property investors on the lookout for promising returns. Batumi's unique advantages, encompassing high rental yields, capital appreciation, low taxes, and visa-free travel, position it as an appealing and economical investment hotspot for international investors.

METROPOL, a dynamic driver of Georgia's real estate industry, differentiates itself with a diversified portfolio of residential, investment, and suburban projects. Presently, they are managing five construction projects spanning over 520,000 square meters, signifying their substantial industry impact.

METROPOL's strategic approach to diversify their portfolio with a balance of residential and investment projects underlines their understanding of market dynamics and their commitment to creating opportunities in Georgia's real estate sector.

With a robust commitment to construction excellence and community building, METROPOL has plans to channel over half a billion GEL into investments over the next three years, reiterating their pledge to propel Georgia's development sector forward.

METROPOL, with its forward-thinking strategies, is redefining the contours of Georgia's real estate landscape, fostering a fertile ground for investors and pushing the boundaries of industry standards.

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