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Kamkhadze PA: Immigration for individuals with Extraordinary Abilities and Achievements Recognized as one of the Miami's 2023 Best Immigration Law Firms

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Kamkhadze PA is the first Georgian-American immigration law firm in Florida to offer complete legal services to those seeking to immigrate to the USA on a work or permanent residency basis.

Recently, Kamkhadze PA was named one of the best immigration law firms of 2023 by It has been featured in the most significant business publications in the USA - Yahoo Finance and Benzinga. The firm is gaining well-deserved recognition for its services now offered worldwide.

Kamkhadze PA's legal services are specifically for those interested in temporary or permanent immigration to the US, people with extraordinary talents and outstanding achievements in various fields of expertise, or individuals planning to make a financial investment in America. There are more than 20 non-immigrant and immigrant visa types, each with different legal requirements.

The services of Kamkhadze PA are focused on immigrant and non-immigrant visas, the acceptance of which depends on the applicants' professional qualifications or their financial investment. Similar types of visas include Eb11 (Eb1A) Immigrants of Extraordinary Ability, which simplifies immigration for exceptionally talented people in business, education, science, technology, art, and sports; Eb2 National Interest Waiver - an excellent opportunity for people who are successfully conducting business in the industries of American national importance; And finally – EB5 Immigrant Investors, which encompass people investing in US businesses and creating jobs locally.

Employing the services of Kamkhadze PA means choosing a trusted partner with years of expertise and experience in immigration law. Their motto is to help clients achieve their immigration goals in the US. The company assesses each case individually and offers applicants both legal advice tailored to their needs and a personalized legal strategy, case preparation, and official proceedings with the relevant immigration agencies.

The team of professionals at Kamkhadze PA recognizes that people with outstanding achievements may have unique immigration circumstances. As a result, they allocate time to thoroughly assess each individual applicant's case.

US immigration policy is designed to attract those individuals who will contribute significantly to developing a specific industry or the US economy in general. That is why people with outstanding achievements in their field or those wanting to start a business are allowed to migrate to the United States.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services requires a person deemed successful in his field or having a unique talent to have an internationally recognized record of exceptional achievements. Relevant documents may include awards, applicant's membership in national federations, records of media exposure, ownership of a profitable business, membership in leading organizations, participation in competitions as a jury, and other records of important milestones.

In order to obtain the above-mentioned visa, Kamkhadze PA's attorney would prepare a petition to be submitted to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. After receiving a positive response, the applicant can apply to the US Consulate for an immigrant visa. If the applicant is already in the US legally, he would no longer need to go through the consular process and can directly apply for a green card in the US.

"Being recognized as one of the best immigration law firms in Miami this year is a great honor for us, as this recognition highlights our dedication to providing high-quality service to our clients and helping them find their own successful path in the complex immigration landscape."

Currently, we have focused our services more on foreign nationals who have demonstrated exceptional skills in business, education, science, arts, and sports and, thus, have a high chance of obtaining a work visa or green card. What really sets us apart is that we look at each case in-depth and provide a tailored strategy.

"It is a great honor for us to be named one of the best immigration law firms in Miami and thus be recognized for our high-quality customer service, dedication, and unwavering support to our clients navigating their path in this complex immigration landscape.

Currently, we have narrowed down our services to foreign nationals who have demonstrated extraordinary abilities/achievements or critical skills in business, education, science, arts, and sports and have a higher chance of obtaining a work visa or green card. What sets us apart is that we analyze every case in-depth and provide a tailored strategy to our clients."

The most challenging aspect of obtaining a visa is proving that one has met all the criteria. Each visa category presents its challenges, and understanding how to overcome those obstacles is vital. American immigration attorney Ana Kamkhadze, Esq. prepares each case by meticulously evaluating the applicant's comprehensive achievements and collates all required documentation to ensure all standards and regulations set by the law are met.

There are specific visa Categories, EB-1A (Immigrants of Extraordinary Ability) would be one of them, which requires cooperation with a licensed and experienced law firm, such as Kamkhadze PA. A petition (claim) letter prepared by a qualified attorney significantly increases the chances of receiving a favorable decision by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on such cases. This letter outlines both the applicant's specific documentation and demonstrates its compliance with existing legislation, regulations, and recent court decisions.

The attorney support letter includes legal regulations and arguments, often exceeding 100 pages in volume. In addition, the attorney ensures that the complete documentation of the case, which may go up to a thousand pages, is submitted in the format required by the immigration agencies and is prepared in accordance with legal standards. Therefore, cooperation with us significantly increases the chances of an approval to these petitions.

"Besides providing personalized services, our pursuit of excellence includes monitoring ongoing immigration legal trends, news, and changes in the ever-evolving legal environment that allows us to adapt the applicant's case accordingly. " the firm explains.

The company also notes that the team's approach is thorough preparation of each case, consistent communication with the client, risk mitigation, and strategic responses. The company is open and transparent in communicating with customers about any delay or complication with their case. If the USCIS requests additional evidence, Kamkhadze PA assesses the complexity or the correctness of the interpretation of the legislation by the immigration officer and prepares a legally justified answer for a favorable decision. If necessary, the law firm also assists clients in appealing the decision of the USCIS. The team notes that during the entire process, Ana Kamkhadze, Esq. tirelessly defends the interests of each client.

Readers of Entrepreneur magazine are already familiar with the founder of the company - Ana Kamkhadze, a licensed immigration attorney in the USA. She is an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the New York State Bar Association. With her extensive educational background, professional experience, and numerous successful cases, Ana founded her law firm in Florida and gathered a team of experienced people eager to provide legal services to help people realize their goals.

Recently, a new director of operations, Mr. Tsotne Mdivani, joined the team at Kamkhadze PA. Mr. Mdivani has many years of experience managing customer service in the largest US corporations. At various times, he worked in such multinational American corporations as Ed Morse Cadillac, and Bridgestone Americas. In addition, his responsibilities included employee selection, coaching, training, and leadership. This experience taught Tsotne the importance of building client relationships and efficient business operational processes. Accordingly, the law firm believes that with Mr. Mdivani's contribution, Kamkhadze PA clients will receive innovative legal services.

"The extensive customer service experience has provided me with a unique ability to recognize the importance of ongoing communication and a customer-centric approach. These skills are cruitial in my role at Kamkhadze, PA. I aim to enhance the firm's aspiration to have a close, transparent, and comprehensive relationships with our clients.

In this company, we perceive ourselves as the most critical link in realizing people's objectives. We want to continue to make a positive contribution to the lives of immigrants, who, in addition to obtaining immigrant status, have to overcome many challenges in establishing themselves and their businesses in a new country," - said Mr. Mdivani.

According to the Operations Director, customer success is always a priority at Kamkhadze PA. Therefore, the company's primary focus is to improve customer service, with instant and convenient access to the company's services around the world. The company's long-term plan involves enhancing its operations by implementing digital technologies and making customer relations more interactive and efficient. Mr. Mdivani plans to work closely with the relevant team to establish communication channels and ensure the smooth flow of accurate information, resulting in excellent customer service. As a result, Kamkhadze PA will maintain and strengthen its international reputation as the preferred choice for immigrants..

"Kamkhadze PA is distinguished by its loyalty to clients and unwavering adherence to ethical norms within the legal profession. The company carefully considers the client's aspirations and goals and perceives the success of each case as its own. We will definitely continue this approach by fostering an innovative culture and maintaining industry leadership. In the coming years, we aim to improve our services by introducing innovative ways to enhance operational efficiency.

We believe that informing clients in real-time would be essential for them. Therefore, through various means, we constantly provide them with updated information about immigration news, changes, new bills, and other crucial processes in the field. We are planning to create a single platform for clients, where there will be constantly updated information that may be relevant to their cases. We will have a section dedicated to frequently asked questions, important articles, guidelines, and everything that will increase users' awareness about US visas as much as possible."

Most importantly, the platform will act as a case management tool, where users can arrange all the required documents in one place. we will also have access to those documents and be able to review and assess them against required standards and regulations. We also plan to implement an automated notification system to promptly provide important information that may affect users' visa processes," explains Mr. Mdivani.

Learn more about different types of US non-immigrant and immigrant visas on the website of Kamkhadze PA:

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